Wedding Ceremony & Reception

Products, ideas and etiquette for the Ceremony and Reception portions of your dream wedding.

Canadian Wedding Theme Ideas, Eh!

Yes, I do mean “Canadian Themed” Wedding ideas! Not simply a Wedding in Canada or a wedding between Canadians! We have a lot of overseas customers who are marrying a Canadian and want a touch of Canadiana in their wedding… Continue Reading →

The Caesar- The Quintessential Canadian Cocktail and other Traditional Canadian Food and Snacks

Earlier this month, I was chatting online with a customer in Scotland. Her daughter was engaged to a Canadian man and she wanted to reflect both Canadian culture and Scottish traditions into the coming wedding. This got me thinking about… Continue Reading →

Personalized Stemless Wine Glass Wedding Favours

And now, raise your glass to the new Mr. and Mrs! ~Personalized Stemless Wine Glass Wedding Favours – NOW available in three different sizes. Petite 5.5 oz tasting Glass, 9 oz Standard Glass and 15 oz Large. Tips for Personalized… Continue Reading →

Bulk Barn Wedding Supplies- #BulkBarnWedding

I just got home from a Bulk Barn Expedition. I love wandering the aisles and checking out all the bulk food options and brainstorming all the great recipes, projects and experiments I want to conduct. Those little bags with the… Continue Reading →

Can I change the hair colours on the cake toppers?

One of our Frequently Asked Questions is “Can I change the hair colours on the cake toppers?” This is a service that is offered through our supplier for a charge of $10 per figure. You can always call us to… Continue Reading →

Owl Themed Wedding Favours

Owls are popping up everywhere! (Last season literally was a record breaking year for Snowy Owls in our area and my Facebook feed was full of photos from friends who has spotted these white beauties in Southern Ontario) Like a… Continue Reading →

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