It is not just alcohol that can cause a post wedding “hangover” feeling.  Busy Days, Late Nights, Rich Food, Dancing, Stress, Fancy Clothing and High Heels can leave you and your Bridal Party feeling less than perky after your special day.  Here is a list of thoughtful recovery aids that you can pack and present to your special ladies as a Thank You gift.  They are all common sense items and not considered Medical treatments- they can provide their own painkillers and home remedies!

~ Bottles of Water (or better yet, infuse some water with cucumber and lemon and store it in the fridge in preparation for the next morning)
~ Lemon Essential Oil Sachet or Bath Salts
~ Homemade Body Scrub
~ Foot Lotion & Pumice Stone
~ Breath Mints or Gum
~ Chocolate or favourite Snacks
~ Salty Snacks
~ Protein Bars
~ Trail Mix
~ Makeup Remover Pads
~ Nailfiles
~ Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Make adjustments based on whether your girls will be in a home or a hotel after the wedding day. In the excitement, some of the basic essentials can be forgotten and will be much appreciated in a moment of need. These tips for a Hangover Help Kit for Bridesmaids will help your girls recover after the long weeks of planning and celebrating with you!