S'more Wedding Favour Tags

Personalized S’more Wedding Favour Tags

Memories of Summer Camp, Cookouts and Evenings at the Cottage are all incorporated into this sweet and simple Party Favour Idea. S’mores Wedding Favours are an inexpensive and nostalgic treat for all your guests. It is especially appropriate for a casual outdoor summer event.

Shown in the photo are a favour that includes 2 S’mores in a package and another one that includes enough to make a single S’more.

What you need:
-Graham Crackers (2 per S’more)
-Chocolate (1 per S’more)
-Marshmallows (Several squares per smore)
Plastic Bag
Personalized Tag

For a double S’more Favour your cost will be about $1. It will be even cheaper if you package them for a single S’more Treat per person. This is especially appropriate for a couple who love camping or even met at a lake or summer camp.

Practice to find the most attractive way to arrange your S’more Wedding Favours in the package you have chosen.  They will need to be handled as little as possible to keep the chocolate from melting or the graham crackers from breaking.

Plan to keep them in a cool dark place prior to the wedding and ensure that they are given to guests at a time that is convenient for them.  Chocolate in a handbag, jacket pocket or hot car is not a thoughtful gift!  They can be placed in a basket at the exit at the end of the event for each guest to take to enjoy later.