Searching for the magical hangover cure? Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet, only time will really make it go away! We have assembled some basic prevention and recovery tips that may help you bounce back after a Bachelorette Party or Stag Night Overindulgence!

Hangover Myths and Tips

Plan ahead and use moderation to prevent wedding celebration hangovers.

People are always on the lookout for Wedding Hangover “Cures”. The market is flooded with new hangover remedies that promise to shorten those awful feelings but they are only aids on the road to recovery. While caffeine, a shower and certain vitamins may help you get your body moving, none of these “cures” will actually speed things up as you simply have to face the symptoms as your body works to process the alcohol in your system.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!

That being said, here are some simple ways to prevent, minimize and cope with a hangover. During the wedding process, there are many opportunities to overindulge closely followed by times you need to be perky and ready to enjoy daytime wedding festivities. There are tips, before, during and after a night of drinking that can salvage the morning after for you.

This is not intended as Medical Advice. Moderation is, of course, the best prevention but Blogger searched out these tips which have been compiled from a variety of online sources.


Choose lighter coloured alcoholic beverages to limit Congeners to minimize hangovers.

Before you indulge:
– Check with your Doctor or Pharmacist to ensure you have a safe painkiller on hand (only to be used when necessary and in moderation)
-Eat a meal with high fibre and moderately high in fat
– Take a Vitamin C Tablet
– Try to hydrate well in advance of your evening out. Drink plenty of water.

As you are Indulging:
– Stick to a single type of alcohol. You will be able to calculate your alcohol units easier and avoid stomach upset.
– Try to drink a glass of water or two throughout the evening
– Avoid Carbonated beverages
– Avoid Congeners (You can do your own research on this but as a quick tip- Clear beverages such as White Wine, Vodka and Gin contain lower levels than brown liquids like whiskey and red wine. The lighter the better in this case)

After you have indulged:
– Drink Fruit Juice or Sports Drinks
– Eat bland carbohydrates such as crackers and toast.
– Take a multivitamin to restore nutrients lost during the binge.

Infused Water to combat a Hangover

Plan to have Infused Waters chilled in the fridge so you can top up before bed and start drinking water first thing when you wake up. (A Couple Cooks Photo Cred)

Before heading out in the evening, cut up some fresh cucumber slices, lemon wedges, sprigs of mint and rosemary into a glass pitcher, fill it with filtered water and pop it in the fridge in case you are moving slowly the morning after!

This is a great idea for the morning after the wedding to invigorate and soothe overnight guests who may need to be soothed!

Common Hangover Cure Myths– These Wedding Hangover Cures have mostly been disproved through medical research but they are commonly held beliefs that some people will swear by.

-Hair of the Dog: Drinking more alcohol is not worse and can actually prolong the hangover to the following day.

-Eating a Greasy Breakfast: A simpler easy-to-digest meal is a better option such as toast or cereal but the big bacon and eggs platter may hit the hunger spot after a late night!

-Coffee: drinking a moderate amount of coffee may help if you are a regular coffee drinker. Do not drink coffee if this is not a regular part of your morning routine.

Moderation is the best prevention. Choose your food and beverage intake carefully to ensure that all the hours of your wedding celebrations are enjoyable. Cheers!