Many little boys will balk at the idea or carrying a frilly ring pillow down the aisle and we are always open to new and interesting and budget-friendly Ring Bearer Ideas. There are plenty of alternatives for ring bearer ideas that may work into your theme more seamlessly.

This is the traditionally frilly and feminine style of ring pillow:

Traditional frilly and flirty ring pillow

Blush Pink Ring Pillow

Now don’t get me wrong, this one is lovely and still suits many wedding day themes but we have new solutions to offer these days.

Treasure Box Ring Box

This Ring Treasure Box is actually a Wedding Favours that has been modified to suit.

It was the suggestion of a customer that prompted us to sell these individually as Ring Bearer Boxes. The picture above was submitted by a smart DIYer who created a protective and decorative setting on the inside. These come plain/empty and ready to be custom lined with felt, satin, cushion and ribbon. They also make a charming gift for the ring bearer because they hint at a pirate’s booty.

NEW: Also available individually is this Mini Tree Ring Bearer Box with Lid.

Ring Bearer Ideas

Also available as favours in packages of 6. This mini box

This is a basic jewellery box-style Ring Bearer Box that is ready for a DIY touch. It can be painted or stained or decoupage treated to create a unique ring bearer idea.

Ring Bearer Ideas for Boxes

This basic box is an affordable option as a ring bearer alternative to a pillow.

Destination Wedding
A compact and durable ring box is a fabulous idea for a destination wedding. It can be carried by either a small child, boy or girl, or the best man. It is a great prop for wedding ring photos on the beach and is easy to carry and will protect the rings. It is small enough to tuck into a handbag or carry-on but large enough that it will not be misplaced in the luggage.

This one is especially appropriate for a southern island destination wedding.

Ring Box

This treasure box will hold your rings like pirate treasure.

Ring Bearer Box

Infinity Ring Box for wedding- idea for ring bearer

Other original ideas include:
– A baseball glove (this is an excellent choice if the couple are a baseball-loving pair. Added benefit is that the love can be purchased to fit the ringbearer and can serve as a useful keepsake gift for him. Use the leather lacing to affix the rings or use coordinating ribbon to secure them)
– A deflated ball (I attended a wedding of a couple who had met on a co-ed volleyball team and they used a plain white leather volleyball that was deflated and folded in on itself. A rounded satin cushion was nested inside. The ball was very subtle in the hands of their ringbearer and only on close inspection could it be identified.)
– A handmade pottery can be used for a rustic wedding or antique china bowl or teacup is a nice option for a wedding with an antique flair. Teacups are available for a couple of dollars at thrift stores and the two pieces can be glued together to minimize the chance of breakage. This idea works better with an older, responsible child.
– Keep your eyes open and search Pinterest for exciting new ways to deliver your wedding bands to the officiant.
– Even if they are not used by the ringbearer to carry the rings down the aisle, staged ring photos are very popular and you can request that your photographer capture a few photos and use some favourite props or accessories.