And now, raise your glass to the new Mr. and Mrs!

~Personalized Stemless Wine Glass Wedding Favours – NOW available in three different sizes. Petite 5.5 oz tasting Glass, 9 oz Standard Glass and 15 oz Large.

Wedding favour Wine Glasses

Choose from three sizes, select from many designs, colours and your choice of text.

Tips for Personalized Stemless Wine Glass Wedding Favours

~ Personalized Stemless wine glasses wedding favours have been a top seller for several years. The appeal is that they are customizable with your choice of designs, fonts, colours and text. They can be purchased with gift boxes and presented to guests as a take home gift or used right on the table as part of your table setting. Some couples offer a specialty drink that is served in the glasses during the reception.

Large Stemless Wine Glasses

The biggest of all! These 15 ounce personalized stemless wine glass wedding favours are available from

~ We do recommend handwashing for these personalized stemless wine glass wedding favours as the ink will eventually fade and chip away if treated roughly or exposed to heat and lingering wetness. We use these in our office kitchen and with gentle hand-washing, the design and text has stayed on for several years. The heat, direct water flow and duration of a dishwasher load could prove too much for the text on these glasses.

Canada Wine Wedding Favours

These 9 oz stemless wine glass favours are our top seller. Buy them at

~ Be sure to order a few extra to allow for breakage. We suggest 3-6% overage to ensure that you have enough for your guests. It is better to over-order than under-order as shipping glassware is always a but tricky. We do our best to ship a few extra and package them safely and will refund for any glassware broken during shipping.

Stemless petite wine glass wedding favours

These tiny tasting stemless wine glass weddingfavours feature your choice of design, ink colour, font and text. Great for a Bridal Shower or a wine tasting event.

~ Order these (and all the personalized glassware) well in advance. These always take at least three weeks to come in to our location (plus shipping to you) and also the ink will continue to harden and cure for several months. It is better to have them in your possession and know that you are pleased than wait until you get your guest list finalized and the order needs to be rushed.

Personalized Stemless Champagne Glasses

Stemless Champagne Glass Wine Favours also available from

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