A Christening or Baptism is a very significant event for Christian families. A Christening Bonboniere is a thoughtful gift that that is given to each guest of the Baptism. In some cases, as special gift is given to Grandparents and Godparents of the child. Say thank you with a thoughtful memento of the day!

When planning your child’s Baptism or Christening, be sure to plan ahead to order your favours. Some of the favours take 1-2 weeks to come in to stock so avoid disappointment by ordering well in advance.

Baptism Favour Canada

Cross Keychains are a practical and inexpensive Baptism or Christening Favour.

Hershey’s Kisses are a great addition to the celebration of your child’s Baptism, Christening, First Communion or Confirmation. These milk chocolate kisses, baptism and Christening favours have a personalized label on them and are a great addition to the snack table or favours for your special celebration. They have a silver wrapper and can be mixed with bulk-purchased kisses to make them go further. They take 1-2 weeks to come in to our location so order in advance to avoid disappointment.

Baptism and Communion Kisses

Give sweet treats to the guests at your child’s Baptism with these Religious Design Kisses. Available in your choice of design and colour.

Baptism Favours in Canada

Designs for Baptism, Christening, First Communion or Confirmation.

Jesus Fish Keychain

These Ichthys keychains are a great favour for any Christian celebration including adult or infant baptism, christening, confirmation and youth events .

Baptism Tags

These tags can be customized to match your colour scheme and event details. Also available with an angel graphic. Attach these tags to a favour or homemade treat.

Angel Candle Favour

This charming Angel Candle Holder is a fitting favour for baptism, confirmation, first communion or even Christmas events.

Are Baptism Favours necessary?

This is a common question received by our customer service agents. The answer is NO, they are not necessary. They are a thoughtful addition to a special occasion but they are not expected or required. Sometimes parents will trim costs by selecting a favour that will only be given to significant family members and guests such as proud grandparents and godparents.


We now carry Mini Rosary Favours. Available in three colours.

Rosary Favours Canada

These Mini Rosaries are available in Canada for celebrations such as Baptism, First Communion and Confirmation.