It is almost Spring 2015 and the colours for this season are BEAUTIFUL!  The bold, jewel tones of the past few seasons are softening and the long reigning SILVER is being challenged by GOLD as metal colour.  It is not surprising since the colour trends are warm, soft, subtle and classic for 2015.  Ivory, cream, champagne, taupe, vintage pink and soft greens are popular and GOLD is a lovely accent for these colour schemes.

Colours for 2015

For years, silver has been the top pick for wedding décor and gold has been very difficult to find for couples who chose gold as an accent colour. Accessories like cake serving sets and toasting flutes are still limited but the new 2015 product lines features many great gold coloured options.

I have been working in the wedding industry for 10 years now and have been interested by the changing colour trends and surprisingly, even my own taste. When I started at, Chocolate Brown was the base colour of choice. It paired nicely with pastels such as pink, blue and lavender and we could not keep it in stock!

Brown and Pink Wedding

Brown as a wedding neutral was popular a few years ago and continues as a pleasing colour palette.

Black combined with Jewel tones is always popular for winter weddings. One summer there were lots of Purple and Turquoise weddings and the paper fans and umbrellas in those colours sold out months in advance of the wedding season. Then, I remember the first time a customer described her colour scheme of red, orange, fuchsia and green and I nodded politely and could not imagine it. Then I Googled it and saw that it was a stunningly bright and bold combo (pictured below- WOW!)

Pink Orange and Green Wedding

Shocking colour combination that is sure to catch eyes (Katy Lunsford Photography- Photo Source)

Then a few years ago, I asked my usual “What are your wedding colours?” inquiry of customers and the response was increasingly “Yellow and Grey”. Now that is a weird combination, I thought but again I Googled it and was again impressed.

Grey and Yellow Colour Scheme

Grey and Yellow Wedding Colour Scheme.

Basically I have learned that any combination of colours can be lovely and I need to be more openminded! Through all these colour schemes and trends, very little metallic gold was available through or our suppliers. That is now changing in 2015! We are pleased to have a growing selection of Gold Wedding Favours.

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LOVE Gold Wedding Favour Bottle Opener

Love design Wedding Favours available from

Feather Wedding

Feather Bottle Opener Wedding Favour from #9002

Gold Table Frame

Gilded Gold Feather Frames available from