Wedding Soda in old laundry tubs

Collect or rent vintage washtubs to fill with ice for a rustic themed wedding. Charming and functional. (

It is unlikely that bottles of sodapop were on the radar of brides planning weddings in the 90s couples now are choosing to use it in a variety of ways on their special day. The rise of Pinterest and a growing appreciation for vintage style and whimsical treats, it is an obvious choice that is much appreciated by wedding guests of a summer wedding.

Wedding Vintage Pop

Wedding charm and refreshment in a variety of colours. ( photo source)

Sodapop Wedding

Soda Pop in glass bottles is a refreshing, colourful and well-received wedding favour. ( photo source)

If your guests are going to be entertained by you for up to 12 hours, you need to think of their comfort. A wedding that starts at 2:00 can easily lead into an afternoon of socializing and a party that is still going strong into the wee hours of the morning. You need to be sensitive to the weather and your crowd and provide enough food and drinks to keep everyone going strong.

Whether your event includes alcohol or not, you need to think of your non-drinkers when you are planning your drink menu. At an outdoor event, you should always make certain that there is a self-serve water fountain or station. This is especially important in the hot summer months but all year long, water should be available.

Pinterest overflows with charming photos of creative ways to include soda pop bottles in weddings. Here are a few sodapop wedding images/ideas that caught my eye while I was thinking about this post.

Wedding Soda Pop Display

Available in a rainbow of flavours and colours. these beauties will appeal to the young and the young-at-heart (

Canoe wedding

Think outside the box and …. inside the canoe! ( source)

Vintage paper wedding straws

Soda bottles with a vintage paper straw. Available from

Sodapop tree wedding

You have seen a tower of cupcakes but may not have thought of a tower of soda. Shown here as table seating “chart” (rusticweddingchic)

Stewarts Soda sold in Ingersoll

Our local Giant Tiger here in Ingersoll ON stocks a variety of Stewarts Soda Pop in glass bottles. They sometimes go on sale for 0.99 but are usually $1.19. Not a bad price for this crowdpleaser! (M. Harper Photo)

Whether you are hosting an intimate backyard wedding or bridal shower, consider chilling some bottles of soda to refresh your guests and introduce a bit of nostalgia.