Coffee Wedding Decor

This coffee tray is a delightful method to keep the guest table assignments organized and attractively displayed at the reception.

I just got home from a Bulk Barn Expedition.

I love wandering the aisles and checking out all the bulk food options and brainstorming all the great recipes, projects and experiments I want to conduct. Those little bags with the tiny pencils and bag ties and the variety of aromas never fail to excite me. I have been known to count a trip to the Bulk Barn as entertainment and a fun way to spend time with a friend! Not only can you get sweet treats and salty snacks, you can buy the tiniest amount of the spice or tea or coffee so you only pay for exactly with you need. Anyway- get to the point- whenever I walk down to Dried Food Aisle, I am struck by the beautiful colours of beans, seeds and rice. Since I spend so much time discussing décor options with customers and scouring Pinterest, I immediately think VASE FILLER when I see bins full of such interesting and inexpensive blends! #BulkBarnWedding


A quick look on #Pinterest and you will find that I am not the first person to find this inspiration. Follow our Pinterest Board #BulkBarnWedding to see some more ideas that I compiled after my Bulk Barn trip last night.

Here are some highlights!

Roses and Coffee Wedding

This lovely classic low arrangement features elegant white roses and rich coffee beans as a base and contrast. ( Photo Source) vase
Photo from

Colin Cowie Painted Beans
Phooto Source: Colin Cowey via Pinterest

Vase Can Filler
A helpful tip to conserve filler. Place a can or cup or rolled cardboard in the centre of the vase to stabilize the interior vase or candle.

Bulk Food Store Vase Filler Ideas #BulkBarnWedding:
~ Beans of all sizes, shapes and colours (Kidney Beans, Soldier Beans, Split Peas, Navy Beans, Pinto Beans)
~ Popcorn Kernals
~ Air Popped Corn
~ Candy
~ Coffee Beans
~ Whole Nutmeg
~ Nuts in the shell (Walnuts, Almonds, Hazelnuts, Pisachios, Pecans, Brazil Nuts) Spraypainted or natural
~ Spices (Nutmeg, Cinnamon Sticks, Cloves, Star Anise, Cardamom)
~ Rice (natural or dyed)
~ Coffee Beans
~ Bird Seed
~ Coarse Sea Salt
~ Wrapped Candy

Other gathered(non-edible) Vase Fillers:

~ Pine Cones
~ Field Corn
~ Acorns
~ River Rocks
~ Driftwood
~ Beach Sand
~ Sea Shells
~ Dried Seed Pods
~ Gourds
~ Mini Pumpkins
~ Greenery
~ Leaves & Twigs

These ideas are best suited for a rustic simple wedding event but some of them can be modified to suit a very elegant event. Dark Beans and Coffee Beans are a nice grounding colour for white roses (as pictured) above. Only the most observant of guests will notice your unorthodox use of dried foods and they will likely be impressed! They can be assembled in place before the event or transported full. They are lighter than water and less prone to spilling. They can be gathered up in a bag or container after the wedding and recycled, composted or used, depending on the selection. Beans will not likely be touched and they need to be soaked and cooked for use so they will be healthy. Natural nuts can be used though any spraypainted ones should be discarded or kept for holiday arrangements.

Check your bulk food stores and grocery store shelves for interesting ways to use food as vase fillers. You will save money and the environment without sacrificing charm or elegance.