One of our Frequently Asked Questions is “Can I change the hair colours on the cake toppers?” This is a service that is offered through our supplier for a charge of $10 per figure. You can always call us to request this service at 888-328-6870. It is not an option that is offered through the website but we are happy to arrange it and can take phone orders.

HOWEVER, if you are a DIY kind of person, you can touch up the colour with a bit of paint and save yourself the money. Many of our customers have done this but, until today, none of them had sent us photos of the results. Jaclyn was kind enough to take photos of her BEFORE and AFTER results and send them in.

She purchased “The Romantic Dip” wedding cake topper through our website and picked it up in store. She liked this topper even though the hair colours were the exact opposite of what she needed.

Custom Hair Colours Wedding Cake Topper

This Cake Topper features a blonde groom and a brunette bride.

Blonde Bride Brunet Groom

A touch of paint and a steady hand were all that our customer, Jaclyn, needed to customize this cake topper to suit. Note the BEFORE and AFTER colour changes.

As you can see, she had great success in swapping their hair colours. The original wedding cake topper featured a blond groom and a brunette bride and Jaclyn and her fiancé have the opposite hair colours. She reported that she purchased inexpensive Acrylic Craft Paint ($1.19 each at Lens Mill Store in Woodstock to be precise) and used the smallest brush she could find.

~ Choose a topper that is close to the hair colours you need (this is not necessary and the sample shown was very different and it worked just fine)
~ Test the paint and brush on the base of the cake topper so see how it dries and that the brush gives you enough control
~ Start with a light hand and go slowly to test coverage and follow the existing hairlines
~ Let is dry and assess if it needs any touchups
~ Optional: finish with a acrylic clear spray coat when you are satisfied with the job.

Please send us examples of your finished projects- we want to see the results and hear your tips.

It is not always necessary to paint the hair colours to get a custom look. This has been a popular cake topper that is available in three skin tones. It is designed for a single race couple.

True Romance Wedding Cake Topper

This wedding cake topper is called True Romance and is available in three different skin tones. Both figures are Light, Medium or Dark.

In 2014 this version was introduced to allow couples to select the hair and skin tones that best suit them. Here is a two-piece interchangeable wedding cake topper that allows you to select the individual figures that best reflect you as a bride and groom.

Mix and match hair and skin tones

Choose your own combination of skin and hair tones for the bride and groom.

custom hair colours wedding topper

Mix and Match these bride figures with your choice of groom figures.

bride and groom skin and hair colours mix and match

Select the Groom that suits best and pair him with a bride figure.

This cake topper #7783 comes as two separate pieces that nest together. We recommend using two sided tape or glue to affix them together to avoid an accidental drop of the bride by a decorator or caterer who doesn’t realize they are two pieces.