My original blog post idea was to write about “How to throw a TIMELESS Wedding”. The more I researched and planned, the more I realized that this was almost impossible. A wedding, like any other event, will (and probably should) reflect the zeitgeist or “spirit of the time” in which it was planned and executed. Ask any married woman and there are things about her wedding day that she would make a few changes if she had a redo but if the wedding day choices reflected the personality of the couple at the time, then the changes should be minimal.

Wedding Trends come and go but good style is not so fleeting. You want to look back at your wedding day choices and at least understand why you made them even if the choices inevitably reflect the fashion and attitudes of the day. People who married in the early 90s, for example, will look back to wedding albums filled with puffed sleeves, incredibly high bangs and taffeta bridesmaids dresses are inspiration for prom queen Halloween costumes now. You can’t go wrong with simple- even if you follow trends, they will not likely look ridiculous in photos a generation later if you practice restraint. While you cannot escape the zeitgeist, you can choose accessories that will stand the test of time. Follow trends with dramatic details but keep them in line with your current taste. For example, don’t try out a wild new makeup colour or hairstyle for the day. Choose something you believe to be flattering and rely on the opinions of those who see you every day.

That being said- you can still take some risks. Focus less on trends and more on personal style and the drama that you want to showcase.

The Calla Lily is a lovely and classic flower to represent wedding glamour. It is a great (timeless) flower choice but it has been used as a THEME instead of a MOTIF and it can be overwhelming.

A wedding theme can be all-consuming (you can see this on our website). It is possible to purchase ring pillow, flower girl basket, wine stopper favours, table numbers, cake server, toasting flutes, centerpieces, bouquet, boutonnieres and on and on and on… but you don’t need to do that to reflect a calla lily motif. A calla lily-printed invitation, bridal bouquet featuring a few stems and another element or two are more than enough to introduce the glamour and sophistication of the calla lily into your special day. It is an elegant and understated floral choice and it is contradictory to overdo it with such a simple flower. Sometimes less is more and it certainly is the case when you want your wedding style to stand the test of time.

Calla Lily Wedding

Calla Lily Guestbook- A little goes a long way with wedding “themes”



Custom Calla Lily Tags

Add a personali touch to your wedding favours with Custom Calla Lily Tags, hand punched at our Ingersoll Art Department.

It is the same with a colour scheme. You don’t need to hyper-match everything. If you want to introduce a hit of colour, you can add a sash to your dress, a matching bow on the favour and even personalized napkins for the midnight buffet. You can relax about matching absolutely everything and focus on several elements that will highlight the colour. Simple white, ivory, black and silver accents will be timeless and easy to incorporate into your overall vision.