Stop the Peep Show with Show Stoppers Fashion Tape! Be ready for everyday and special occasion wardrobe emergencies and malfunctions.

Slipping bodices, drooping spaghetti straps, flyaway sashes and straying lapels can all be fixed in a snap with these Show Stoppers Fashion Tape strips.  Hems can be tacked up temporarily, collars pinned down and boutonnieres can be tamed.  Make sure that you have someone armed with these to keep the photos running smoothly and your wedding party intact well into the night.  Dancing, hugging, eating, posing and all the merriment can cause your wardrobe to fail- these handy and inexpensive strips are ready to save the day.

Consider stocking them mens and womens rooms with a package for your guests who miscalculated their garments ability to outlast them!

Show Stoppers Fashion Tape

Showstoppers Fashion Tape is available at online or at our Ingersoll Showroom.

“Keep Your Fashion Fastened!” The most durable designer tape on the market-can hide your bra straps, hem your pants or fix your low-cut dress. Keep a pack of Show Stoppers Fashion Tape (24 strips) in your purse, at the office, and in your car to fix wardrobe bloopers and dress to impress. One pack includes 12 black strips and 12 nude strips and comes in easy-to-use packaging.

Even a well-fit wedding gown can shift, stretch, move and droop after a day of moving, sweating, hugging, dancing eating and drinking.  Plan ahead and stabilize your bustline, straps, sashes and other elements to prevent wedding day wardrobe malfunctions.

Fashion Tape Show Stoppers

Prevent gaping in a button down blouse.


Fashion Tape for Weddings

Keep your neckline in place. No peep shows!

Wedding Daye Wardrobe Malfunction PREVENTION

Great for Brides in strapless gowns. Use Show Stoppers Fashion Tape to keep everything in its place!

Consider Adding these mini packs to your Bridesmaid Survival Packages and even filling a basket with them in the women’s bathroom.   Sold in a package of 12 Travel Size Show Stoppers Fashion Tape.  Each contains two strips that can be cut to fit.  Available in Nude and Black.

Fashion Tape Wardrobe Malfunction Tape

Each Travel Pack Contains 2 Strips that can be cut to fit. Available in Black and Nude. These are in stock at our showroom in Ingersoll so they can be purchased off the shelf or shipped promptly.