Online Shopping Safe Practises for Wedding Planning

Safe Online wedding Shopping Tips will protect you as you plan your big day and prevent last minute stress and buyers remorse.

The internet is a wealth of resources for the busy modern couple who is planning their dream wedding but it is wise to do your homework before entering your credit card information.

If I could speak to our customers while they are planning their weddings and looking to make online purchases, I would share these Safe Online Wedding Shopping Tips.

~ Look for an icon that indicates that the website is secure. In our case ( you will see a GeoTrust symbol at the bottom of the page that is dated. This is an independent company that checks website security every day. There are lots of companies who provide this service and it allows you to order with confidence that a company is committed to your online safety.

~ Ensure the shipping location of the company. Many websites will publicize that they are a Canadian company but they still ship from American locations. To ensure that the site ships from within Canada, you can proceed through the checkout (not actually entering your credit card information) but Canadian taxes should be collected. If you place an order that does NOT include appropriate Canadian Taxes, the parcel will be shipped from OUTSIDE Canada. This means that additional costs will be collected by the courier at time of delivery. Costs may include, duty, taxes and brokerage depending on the value, contents and origin of the parcel. Be advised that there may be a big fee upon delivery. Our order total at time of checkout (shipped to Canadian addresses) include all costs. You will never be charged more at the door.

~ Processing times listed on our website are in addition to the Shipping Times. Be sure to add the two listed times together for the Expected Deliver Times for each item. Our processing times are listed on each Item’s Product Page (Usually ships in X-Y Business Days) and vary by item number, supplier and other logistics. We do our best to post appropriate average timespans for each. Shipping times are determined by the service you select and your proximity to Ingersoll Ontario, our shipping location for most items.

~ Always OVERESTIMATE your quantity slightly. You do not want to be overrun with too many favours but you should be prepared to overestimate rather than underestimate. You may end up with extras but this is always going to be less stressful than being short when the date arrives. We do our best to ship to you in appropriately padded packaging but breakage can happen in transit as well as in your custody. The chaos of wedding day setup can result in accidents and it is better to hand your caterer a few backup favours than end up short. Also – if you are ordering a favour that is volume priced, you will not be able to order more at the reduced price so it is more cost effective to pad your numbers slightly than to cut them to the bone.

~ “When should I order?” While many items take less than two weeks to arrive, we always answer this question with “As soon as possible!” If you know what you want- ORDER IT! Our suppliers are always adding and removing products from their catalogues. If you love something now, it may not be available in 18 months when you are getting married. ALSO it is best for everyone if you leave “room for error” in your timing. For example, it an item takes two weeks plus shipping- you should leave more time than two and a half weeks. Comfortably you should double or triple the timeframe. This means that you can pay cheaper shipping, avoid RUSH charges and we also have time to fix any issues and work with any delays. (for example- one of our suppliers was swamped by Hurricane Sandy. They were not shipping for two weeks and any customers who had not ordered well enough in advance had to switch to another item. Those who had ordered with enough extra time just waited a few weeks and orders were filled as desired)

~ Cheapest is not always best! It is common that we get calls from last minute customers whose first choice plan fell through and they are scrambling for a solution at the last minute. You will always find someone selling something cheaper but you need to factor in the possibility that there will be a problem and you want to have ordered from a company that will do all they can to fix your problem. Check their Social Media footprint. Do they have an open Facebook account where they reply to customers and invite a dialogue? A quick Google search can sometimes reveal repeated customer complaints about specific sellers or companies. The Better Business Bureau also give insight into a company’s track record.

~ Call the numbers listed and send an inquiry email before you order. Some companies do not answer their phones or email and this will become a problem for you should a difficulty arise with your order. In many cases, we require a photo of the issue or a written description and we get working toward a solution the same day.

Most of our orders are purchased online and shipped out from our warehouse in Ingersoll, Ontario Canada. It is our mandate to provide good selection at fair prices with prompt processing and secure payment. We work with customers to solve any issues that arise. These Safe Online Wedding Shopping Tips are just a few of the things that I wish I could tell all our customers early in the planning stage! Whether you are ordering from us or someone else- do yourself a favour and keep these tips in mind to avoid a bad online experience.

Happy planning and safe online purchasing!