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Cross Design Curio Box- Baptism Favour

The past two years have seen a steep increase in requests and orders for our Baptism Favours, Christening Favours, Confirmation Favours, and First Communion Favours. It was not a trend that we were anticipating but we have started sourcing and stocking more options at our Canadian Showroom because it is often a last-minute addition to the celebration and we try to have several options on hand for quick shipping emergency orders! Many of these favours have a religious theme, eg. cross or angel or dove. Visit us at for a wide selection of Baptism Favours in Canada, as well as keepsake gifts, guestbooks and accessories.

They are not an essential but some communities, congregations or denominations choose to give a small token as a keepsake for the loved ones of the baby or child who being baptized.

Another significant way to mark the occasion is to give out favours that symbolize new life. Tree seedings, Seed Packets, Flower Bulbs or small Houseplants are all well received by guests and just may grow for years as the child matures! Imagine planting a tree seedling to celebrate a baptism and then the child can watch it grow and eventually surpass their height and symbolize strength and resilience.

We have also designed a special tag that can be attached to any favour, homemade treat or gift for the guests who are sharing your joy as your child marks a significant religious ceremony. You can choose the colour, shape, graphic and text for a custom look.

Baptism Favour Tag Canada

Choose your own Graphic, Colour, Text and Shape for this Baptism Tag from

Baptism Favours in Canada

Decorative Cross Ornament is one of the Baptism Favours in Canada from

Catholic Baptism Favours

Madonna and Child Plaque Baptism Favours

Christian Cake Topper

Cross Cake Pick for Christian Celebrations including Baptism and Confirmation.

Cross Cake Pick

Cross Baptism Cake by Renee of Sweet Revelations Food Blog.

Baptism Coffee

Personalized Coffee Packets are a thoughtful and well-received favour idea for a baptism, christening, confirmation or first communion.

My First Communion Keepsake Plaque

My First Communion Personalized Plaque Gift. now your source for Baptism Favours in Canada as well as your wedding accessories supplier!. Visit our website or showroom in Ingersoll Ontario.