You have been planning your dream destination wedding for months (at least) and the last thing you want is to end up sick in paradise! But germs lurk in hotel rooms, airplanes, and cruise ships, and learning to avoid them is the secret to remaining healthy. Without overdoing it, you can easily minimize your risk of infection.

Basic Tips to Avoid Getting Sick on a Destination Wedding

Before the trip– Be extra vigilant about washing your hands, sanitizing your phone, keyboard, steering wheel etc. It is basic advice but be certain to eat well and sleep well in the days preceding your destination wedding trip. Steer clear of sick friends and co-workers. Take extra Vitamin C and drink plenty of water.

• Plan a trip to the Doctor or Pharmacy – Research with hazards may exist in your destination of choice and plan accordingly. A pharmacist should be able to help you with over the counter remedies and your doctor may even write you a prescription for something specific based on your destination. A well stocked medicine kit will help you ward off problem as they start, especially stomach problems. Bring extra medications for pre-existing conditions and extras for guests who may not be as well prepared. Some of these medications will be available locally but it will save time, money and hassle if you are well prepared.

Airplanes– Your best defense against germs in the air is to eat a nutritious diet and get plenty of rest on the days before your flight. Also, be alert for these germ hotspots:

• Water. Humidity levels on airplanes are very low, and you can dehydrate quickly. Drink up before boarding and ask for a bottle of water onboard.

• Steer clear of the shared pillows blankets, magazines and earphones. Bring what you need to be comfortable.

• Bathrooms. Since there are about 50 people for each bathroom restroom — and up to 75 on budget airlines — they are swarming with germs. Use paper towels to turn off faucets and open doors, and use hand sanitizer for extra protection.

• Seat pockets. It’s common for airline workers to find used tissues and dirty diapers stuffed into seat pockets. Don’t use them.

Hotels- Hotels can get a bad rap for cleanliness. Why not give your room a quick wipedown when you arrive. I don’t mean spring cleaning or anything like that. Bring some sanitizing wipes with you are clean the “hotspots” before you even unpack.

• Light switches. Clean all switches, including the bedside lamp switch, and door knobs with disinfectant wipes.

• TV remotes. Almost all studies find TV remotes to be one of the most germ-laden items in a hotel room (and likely your own home too) Either clean with a disinfectant wipe, or drop it into a small, clear plastic bag. You’ll still be able to work the remote while “bagging” the germs. Telephones also carry their share of germs, so give them a quick disinfecting swipe if you plan to use yours.

• Bedspreads. Bedspreads are usually not washed after guests check out. Remove bedspreads, comforters, duvets, and decorative cushions.

• Bathroom floors and carpets. Some studies have shown shower floors to be fairly clean, but bathroom floors are not. Carpets are usually quickly vacuumed between guests and rarely shampooed, and they often carry mold, bacteria, and fungus. Fight back by never walking barefoot — pack a pair of flip-flops and use them.

• Buffets. Wash your hands with hand sanitizers before each meal, and use napkins to avoid touching the handles of serving utensils.

• Elevator buttons. It’s almost impossible to avoid elevator buttons on ships, but they’re a hotbed of germs. Be aware of them and keep your hands off your face until you have again cleaned your hands.

• Hand rails. You can’t avoid touching the hand rails and door knobs but they’re usually covered with germs. Wash your hands immediately, or use hand sanitizer.

Avoid germs on a destination Wedding

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There is no need to overreact and drive everyone crazy but a few simple and quick precautions will eliminate some of the sources of contamination. You want to be free to enjoy your friends, family, good food and your new married life and not crouched over the toilet or curled up in bed.