Here at, personalized gifts and accessories make up a big portion of our business. Everything from disposables such as Napkins, Matchbooks and Candy Wrappers to Toasting Flutes and Serving Sets are shipped out every day.

To Personalize or Not to Personalize?  That really should be a question as you plan your wedding.

To Personalize or Not to Personalize? That really should be a question as you plan your wedding.

What should I personalize and what should I leave blank?

Now I am going to answer the way I would answer a friend- don’t be offended if you disagree or did something different, everyone has their own thoughts on this and that is what makes life interesting. I am a very practical person and I have been talking to customers and processing orders for 8 years now and have gathered my thoughts from THOUSANDS of orders that have passed through our systems.

We are often asked how to personalize these items and here is how we answer:

~ If it is on Toasting Flutes that are going to be a keepsake for the couple, go ahead and personalize. It is nice to list one name on each along with the date. You don’t need to add Bride and Groom unless you really want to. They will memorialize the day and list the date and these titles are assumed. Flutes often allow only two lines of text and the names are most important followed by the date. If you wish to use them every year for anniversaries and Valentines days etc. Consider dropping the date and only list the names.

~ Serving Sets are a bit different (at least for a practical girl like me!) This is less decorative and more likely to be used again and even borrowed. I personally suggest leaving off the personalization. This is the type of thing that often gets “re-gifted” to another couple and it is more functional to leave them blank. If you select a simpler style, you can also keep these on hand for all cake-celebrating events in your family. Birthdays, anniversaries and retirement parties are all in your future so why not leave these generic and adaptable. Why not have a wedding keepsake that is still function for all of life’s coming celebrations?! I shop at yard sales and thrift stores and this is a common thing to see there. If you intend to eventually donate, re-gift or lend it- SKIP the Personalization.

~ Gifts for the Bridal Party– This one is tricky! Many customers come in and want to put their names (Couple) and date (Wedding) on the gifts for the Bridal Party members. If they seem open to suggestions, however, we often try to steer them towards thinking about what the recipient would be more likely to use long term. For example, a flask that simple says ” Mike” is more likely to be used by the Best Man than one that says “Darren & Jill- Best Man- October 25, 2014”. These things may all be true but the date is more significant to the couple than the attendants. He will always remember where the flask came from but it doesn’t need to say it right on it. Attach a heartfelt note with your names, date and a sincere thank you.

~ Memorial Candles and Memorial Vases– these are a personal and sentimental choice. With the Candles, I say YES, personalize these. They are a consumable and will be burnt on the day of the wedding and can be presented to someone special after the event (Eg. If it is in memory of Grandpa, your Grandmother is the obvious recipient) In the case of the Memorial Cylinder, ask yourself several questions. What do you intend to do with it after the wedding? Is it for a single loved one or multiple loved ones? If you intend to maintain a memorial in your home, go ahead and personalize. If it is something you only want for the wedding day, we recommend NOT personalizing and simply placing a lovely framed photo beside it for the wedding day. If you are memorializing one significant person who has passed (often a parent or sibling) you may wish to personalize it but if you want it to stand as a remembrance of several family members and friends you have passed you can leave it blank. Leave it burning at the guestbook table and the discreet but sweet message “In Loving memory this light shines as a symbol of a life and love remembered” will say all that you need it to. Go with your heart for this one! Both options are a lovely tribute.

~ Napkins and Matchbooks– This is the perfect place to personalize something ENTIRELY about you! The colour, font, ink, design and text can and should reflect your day and relationship as a couple. These are disposable and should be a reminder of your special day. Napkins are a consumable that will be used only that day (though you may have extras that you can use for months!) and matchbooks will be taken by guests and they will surface years later and serve as a little reminder of your day. GO FOR IT- Personalize All the Things!

~ Personalized favours are a top seller at Playing Cards, Shot Glasses, Stemless Wine Glasses, Mini Sunscreens, Honey Jars and all forms of Candy can all be customized to suit. They are often an inexpensive and functional favour option. Yes- Personalize all the things!

~ Favour Tags– We are always answering the question “Can this favour be personalized?” and unless it is listed on the website as an option, the answer is generally NO. Most favours are not designed to accommodate engraving and it is not recommended.

This Bottle Stopper for example, we are often asked if we can personalize it. The answer is NO. Even if you took it to a laser engraver, they would not likely be able to do it. The item is chromed and if you break the surface, the integrity is compromised. Also if you look at the design, there is not even a surface that would suit text. LEAVE this blank!

Bottle Stopper Wedding Favours

Basic Wedding Favours can be customized with the addition of a simple Favour Tag or Label.

That being said, many favours can accommodate a favour tag or label. These can be attached to the packaging and customized to suit your special day and any theme or motif that is present. The benefit of an affixed tag is that it looks nice on the packaging but it does not affect the actual favour. Like the personalized bridal party gifts, your guests are more likely to use a generic bottle stopper than one with your names and date on it.

It is tempting to “Personalize All the Things” when you are planning a wedding but think it through before doing it. Some items are actually better without.

Ask yourself:

1. Are you more likely to use it again if it is blank?
2. Is this a gift? Would the recipient prefer that it was about me or him?
3. Will the personalization add charm to the item?
4. Do I want my guests to continue to use the item?
5. Would I want to receive this with someone else’s name on it?

There is no right or wrong way to answer any of these. We want our products to stand as cherished keepsakes and usable items for years to come. I hope this helps you decide whether or not to PERSONALIZE ALL THE THINGS?