Bridal Showers are an age-old tradition that has had to evolve with the times.  Here are some ideas to get you started.  Have some fun and consider the couple in question- their needs and tastes will help you tailor an event to “shower” them with love, affection and gifts!

Some Modern Shower Themes:

~ Holiday Shower- This works well for young couples who may not have set up a home (or homes) Each guest is assigned a holiday or season.  Gifts such as Artificial Christmas Tree, Ornaments for Christmas.  Champagne for New Years Eve or a Picnic Basket for Victoria Day Weekend, Lawn Chairs for Canada Day.

~ Pampering Shower- The Bride and her entourage can escape for a day of spa treatments and beauty indulgences.  “Guests” can pay for their own treatments and pool their resources to pamper the bride.  This can also be modified to a gift FROM the bride to her ladies in preparation for the wedding.

Spa Pampering Bridal Shower

~ Library Shower- This is a great event idea for a group of bookworm friends.  Guests can bring gifts of beautifully bound books, engraved bookplates or bookstore gift certificates.  Bookmarks are the obvious favour choice and consider DIY Book Bundles as décor.  This is a good option for a mature bride or a second marriage.

Library or Bookworm Shower

Library or Bookworm Shower

~ Honeymoon Shower-  Guests can bring gifts for the honeymooners to use (luggage, camera, guidebooks) on their adventures OR guests can contribute monetary gifts for the couple to plan their dream honeymoon.  Plan to serve food and beverages based on the destination country (Spanish Tapas, Sushi, Italian)

~ Destination Shower- The shower itself is the gift.  A girls’ weekend away can involve a pre-wedding  weekend in a rented cottage or downtown hotel.  No gifts but each person is responsible for a portion of the cost of the festivities.

Cottage rental for wedding celebration

Plan a girls (or guys) weekend in the months before the wedding. Great option for a couple who already had a household set up.


~ Foodie Shower – this is a great idea for a couple who appreciates fine food and drink.  Plan it around a dinner party that can be hosted by one couple or jointly supplied in that each couple brings a specialty dish or portion of the meal.  Local or imported foodie gift ideas: Maple Syrup, Wine, Smoked Salmon, Homemade jam, olive oils, truffles, champagne, specialty spices and other fine ingredients are gift ideas to help the couple stock their pantry with luxuries!

Feel free to think outside the box.   It is the bridal party that knows the tastes of the Bride and Groom the best and there will likely be lots of traditional aspects to the special day so why not do something a little different.  Nobody needs more tea towels and everyone hates the clothes-peg game!