Need to host a Bridal Shower?  Here are some things to consider early in the process.  A clear plan in the beginning will eliminate stress, extra cost and even hurt feelings. Enjoy our Bridal Shower Planning Guide!

Tips and advice to plan and execute the perfect bridal shower.

Tips and advice to plan and execute the perfect bridal shower.

Bridal Shower Planning Guide~ First Steps:

~ Pick a Date: Usually between 2 months and 2 weeks before the wedding

~ Make the guest list OR choose a Venue:  These two choices are tied together.  If you want to invite a lot of guests you may need to rent a hall or restaurant.  If you are having it in a home, your guest list will be restricted to the number of people who can gather comfortably in the space.

~ Figure out who is responsible for what.  Are you hosting and providing everything?  Is the cost and responsibility shared by the Bridesmaids?  Do the parents want to be involved?  This is the sort of decision/process that can easily cause tension if not fully discussed. 

~Ask specific people to contribute food, serve as hostess, organize games, supply prizes and favours and other roles.

~ Choose a theme/mood/motif/time of day etc.  Choosing one of these as a starting point will determine many of the décor, entertainment and food details.   For example:

~ A Tea Party Shower would likely be held in the afternoon.  Hot beverages and light finger foods are an obvious choice.  Décor can include lace, teacups and vintage or heirloom accessories.  Games would be whimsical and traditional.  Favour ideas include a personalized teabag, antique teacups, tea infusers or teaspoons. This is a good option for a family or community shower with lots of aunts and neighbours on the guest list.

~ A Lingerie Party may be held in the evening.  The guest list would likely be a younger crowd and the games, mood and décor may be a bit more risqué.  Wine or cocktails are a good choice but be sure to include some fun non-alcoholic options.  This part of event is best for the girlfriends/college sisters and young-at-heart family members.

~ A Backyard Mixed Shower would likely be held around a meal so you can take advantage of outdoor grilling options and your games may need to incorporate children.  This is a great option for blended families. 

~ Also consider the tastes, personality and schedule of the bride.  Not everyone likes to be the centre of attention or needs to accumulate a large quantity of gifts.  (If I were to marry now, I would appreciate if each guest would take something!)  If there is a large item or trip on the couples’ wishlist, consider asking guests to contribute towards that.  Many guests will appreciate the simplicity of a gift card or cash.

~ Invitations should be sent out about a month before the shower.  Ideally you want to have a fairly accurate headcount 2-3 weeks before the event.  You should not wait to order favours until you have a solid number.   We recommend making a generous estimate when you are sending out invitations and get the favours ordered.   There will always be some fluctuation in your numbers and you want to have a few extras. 

~~These are just the early stages to consider.  The actual execution is reserved for a whole new blog post! (Coming Soon)  Remember that your main goal is to host an event that honours the Bride and allows people in her life to SHOWER her with affection, attention and support.

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