I just received this photo from a local baker and think it is lovely! Renee of Sweet Revelations Blog created this beautiful love birds wedding cutting cake and finished them off with the White Love Birds Cake Picks. Follow her blog for lots of beautiful (delicious) photography, ideas and recipes. Thanks Renee!

Simple Wedding Cake Topper

Thanks to Renee of Sweet Revelations Food Blog for this lovely photo.

Love Birds wedding cake decoration canada

Love Birds Wedding Cake Picks from Weddingfavours.ca

What is the CUTTING CAKE?

~ At a wedding, the cutting cake is usually a simple single layer wedding cake that is artfully presented for the newlyweds to cut together. This is a significant moment in the wedding reception and a cutting cake is a cost-saving and time-saving technique to serve each guest a piece of cake promptly after the ceremonial cutting. Your catering staff can have slab cake already plated and ready to serve as soon as the cake cutting is over. A tiered cake is very expensive and difficult to manage. You may be able to save on the cost of cake plating and you can be certain that each guest will receive an attractive piece of cake. Discuss it with your cake maker in advanced and see what they suggest. This smaller cake is cut the couple (for a photo opportunity) and the remaining cake can be saved for the first anniversary or more realistically- served at post-wedding festivities such as a family brunch. The cutting cake can be paired with cupcakes, cake pops, slab cake servings of even something seasonal such as Strawberry Shortcake or pie to get the best of both worlds- a lovely cake-cutting moment and delicious and attractive plated desserts for your guests.

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