I recently bought this large seashell at a yardsale for a whopping $2. It has a rough surface and was a bit dull looking. Beach Weddings are one our most popular themes and I decided to experiment with my new yard sale treasure-from-the-sea! I love Tiffany Blue and I had some latex paint leftover from my kitchen backsplash project. Why not? I asked myself.

Beach Wedding Decor DIY

A yard sale find and a bit of leftover latex paint was all I needed for this Decorative Seashell.

I think this upcycled painted seashell decor piece looks very cool and would work as a wedding table centerpiece, reception table decoration or part of a beach wedding day vignette (sand buckets, paper umbrellas, rustic directional signs, starfish)

Step 1: Find a shell. (I would select a plain weathered one as some are just too lovely to alter)
Step 2: Choose the finish and colour you want. I wanted a weathered, earthy, subtle look but gloss or metallic spraypaint would also look great.
Step 3: For the weathered matte look- apply paint sparingly and with a water-dampened brush. I wanted the rough sandy texture and colour variations to be visible.
Step 4: Let it dry. Touch up any missed spots or drips.

That is it. I used water-based latex eggshell finish paint. I have it set on my coffee table and I love it! The nice thing is that should I want to return it to its natural state, this water-based paint should be easy to remove with some mild soap and a scrub brush. Shells that have a high polish will not accept paint and would have to be spraypainted. Try it out, experiment and add your custom colours to your beach wedding decorations.

Consider pairing it with more beachy decorations for a casual and whimsical wedding atmosphere. Here is a large glass bottle with sand and starfish- all set for a message-in-a-bottle guestbook alternative.

Beach Wedding Decor Ideas

Message in a Bottle Guestbook Alternative.

Look for a corked bottle with some character. This one was a $3 yard sale find! I poured 2 pounds of sand in the bottom and propped up two starfish as if they were a couple. Watch our blog for a coming post with more ideas and photos for this whimsical DIY Beach Wedding Guestbook Alternative.