Just a quick Blog today as the instructions are pretty much unnecessary once you see the finished product, a simple Beach Wedding Centrepiece.

Starfish Wedding Table Decor

A Galvanized Bucket, Stencil & Marker, Jute Twine, Driftwood and Shell Decorations are all you need!

This table number bucket is an inexpensive, charming and easy idea for your beach wedding or backyard party.

You will need:
~ Galvanized Bucket (this one is a dollar store planter)
~ Stencils
~ Permanent Black Marker
~ Driftwood (this was gathered in minutes on Lake Erie in Port Bruce, ON)
~ Jute Twine/ribbon/burlap
~ Beach Decorations (shown with a simple white faux starfish)
~ Paper Plate (or newspaper etc for filler)
~ Spray Sealant

~ Position the stencil on the pail and trace with permanent marker. Fill in the number or letters with a steady hand. You can write the couple’s name, date, Thank You, Table Numbers or draw on a graphic. These are great for a birthday party as well.
~ Spray a quick layer of clear sealer on the writing to protect it from drips or bumps
~ Fill the bottom of the bucket with newspaper/paper plate so you don’t need as much driftwood. Consider filling it with sand if you need it to be weighted down or want the driftwood to stand more securely.
~ Layer in the driftwood with the most interesting pieces on the top for better visibility.
~ Embellish handle with jute/twine/ribbon etc and prop your beach décor on top.

That is it. I have a philosophy that “Less is More” so you can further embellish as you wish.

Nautical accessories, fish, shells, flip flop, umbrellas, anchors, flags and sailboats can be added. Consider using the same stencil to decorate canvas bunting, wedding day accessories such as a card holder, welcome signs and other lettered details. The cost of each bucket is less than 4$ and they are reusable and the wood is all-natural so there is very little waste. If you want to use these for multiple events you could paint a chalkboard section on the bucket instead of stenciling numbers right onto the bucket.

Fill the bucket with some of these beach-themed wedding favours for your guests to take home with them.

Beach Starfish Wedding Bottle Opener Favour Canada

Starfish Bottle Opener Favour from Weddingfavours.ca

Beach Printed Favour Bags

Printed Burlap Favour Bags from Weddingfavours.ca- Discontinued

Weddingfavours.ca Sand Dollar Coaster favour Beach Wedding

“By The Shore” Sand Dollar Coaster Wedding Favour from Weddingfavours.ca

Port Bruce Ontario

Beautiful day, rough waters at Port Bruce Ontario on Lake Erie. See all the lovely driftwood? Free wedding décor! ~Melanie Harper Photo

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