Water Pearls are a special polymer bead that expands in volume when hydrated and are a lovely and inexpensive base for centerpieces and floral arrangements.

At Weddingfavours.ca, we sell two different sizes:

Decor Aqua Beads

Large Water Pearls ~ Available in Clear from Weddingfavours.ca

Coloured Aqua Beads

Small Water Pearls~ Weddingfavours.ca

The Small ones come in a variety of colours: Sapphire Blue, Hot Pink, Crystal Clear, Jet Black, White, Peacock Green (Aqua) and Lemon Yellow.

The Large ones are only available in clear.

We recommend ordering these well in advance and in a larger quantity than you think you will need. Add one more package to be safe! You are not restricted to the colours listed above because you can colour your own water pearls. With a little bit of food colouring, you can customize the shade of water pearl to suit your colour scheme. (The beads will come to you dehydrated. The Large ones are in a bottle and results in about 5 gallons of hydrated pearls and the Small ones come in a packet and will expand to over 5 litres in volume)

Simply add a few drops of food colouring to the water before hydrating the pearls. The pearls will not be as concentrated in colour as the water but the result will be similar. We recommend testing a few small batches to find the water/dye proportions that will create the right shade for you.

This photo of yellow pearls was created with Crystal Clear (Small Water Pearls) and a few drops of yellow food colouring. I simply added the food colouring to the water and used it to rehydrate the pearls as normal.

Wedding Centrepiece Beads

Yellow Water Pearls were made from Crystal Clear Water Pearls and a few drops of food colouring in the water. The resulting pearls will be a bit paler than the water appears.

These water pearls are a great cost-effective base to DIY Centrepieces. They are non-toxic and reusable. They will dehydrate and can be used again and again. This is a good filler option if you are allowing guests to take the centerpieces home. They look lively with tulips, gerbera daisies and other simple cut flowers. A few of these in the bottom of a vase will beep the posies hydrated and will be a transportable and low cost vase filler that your guests can enjoy after the event.