At we are always on the lookout for new, trendy, exciting, whimsical and fun wedding accessories and we think we have found a winner with these new themed garters. Fandom is making its way into the most glamourous of weddings and we often have couples who are looking for a subtle yet fun way to show their individual passion or shared pop-culture interests on their wedding day and this fact has prompted us to add these Super and Sporty Bridal Garters to our product line at

Traditional Superheros are enjoying a new and growing popularity and it seems like there is a new movie blockbuster opening every month which is re-awakening old fans and creating new ones.

Big Bang Theory-worthy Bridal Garter

We cannot help but think of our good friends Sheldon, Howard, Raj and Leonard when we see these fandom inspired Bridal Garters. Photo

Toronto Blue Jays Fans will love this sporty touch! This Blue, White and Red Satin Garter is handmade in Ontario and features a Blue Jays Inspired Button.

Toronto Blue Jays Bridal Garter

Toronto Blue Jays Bridal Garter From

For the Dark Knight fans, there is the traditional Batman Garter in Black and Yellow Satin Ribbon.

Batman Wedding Garter

Batman Inspired Bridal Garter from

We recommend that the bride TRY to keep the garter a secret and reveal it as a cheeky little detail to the bridal garter toss or wedding night! Since these Super and Sporty Bridal Garters are often purchased because the bride or groom or both loves the theme, we suggest pairing this keepsake garter with a simpler (cheaper!) toss garter that coordinates with the colour scheme.
These garters are a fun addition to an otherwise traditional and elegant affair. It is a private choice that is either made public at the garter toss or simply shared between the newlyweds. It is a great item to use in a wedding day shadow box to show off the day’s highlights and be sure to ask your photographer to take some sassy photos of your leg and the garter so that this detail is included with your wedding album.

Inexpensive Toss Garters can be paired with a fancier Garter so the Bride can keep one as a memento.

TLM Bridal Garter

Toronto Maple Leafs Bridal Garter

These garters are locally handmade by a seamstress and we have been very impressed by her work. These themed garters are all packaged in white gift box and make a great bridal shower gift for the bride-to-be.

If there is a design you are looking for, feel free to send us a message at We cannot promise that we can accommodate all requests but we are keeping a running list to see what teams/brands we will commission next.

Now Available- Super and Sporty Bridal Garters currently available from

Superman Inspired Bridal Garter

Superman Inspired Bridal Garter

Star Wars Wedding

Star Wars Bridal garter

Star Trek Gold and Black Bridal Garter

Star Trek Inspired Bridal Garter

Ingersoll Wedding Accessories

White Motorcycle Bridal Garter

John Deere Bridal Garter

John Deere Bridal Garter

Harley Colours Bridal Garter

Harley Colours Bridal Garter

Made in Canada Wedding

Montreal Canadiens Bridal Garter

NOTE: We use licensed/trademarked items (as requested) whenever possible, however, and are not affiliated with or sponsored by any NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB or any other trademarked logo in any manner. These items are handcrafted and any logos or team colours are used in a creative manner only.

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