Beach wedding decor in our Canadian summers is naturally going to differ from the tropical resort destinations in the south. First I have to confess that I did not take this photo. In fact, I wasn’t even at this wedding. I first saw is on Facebook several years ago and loved it. The photo was taken at a friend’s Beach Wedding a few years ago. I loved it so much that I decided to contact the Bride (Megan) and the photographer/guest (Lorna) to see if I could share it on our blog for inspiration. They both generously granted permission. It pays to lurk on Facebook!

When I hear BEACH WEDDING I automatically picture fruity drinks, blazing sun, palm trees and tropical fish but this is not the case for most Canadian Beach Weddings. The colours are more muted, the water not as clear and the temperature is not usually as warm BUT there are so many beautiful beaches on our coasts and freshwater lakes that they deserve some press too!

Beautiful Beach Wedding Decor Ideas

Megan’s New Brunswick Beach Wedding Décor featuring paper Lanterns and Bamboo Stakes

It is the earthy colour scheme that I love most about this photo. You can see that Megan and her decorating team have used simple and inexpensive elements to add delineate her wedding “venue” and highlight the natural blues and browns.

Check out your local gardening centre for the bamboo lengths and jute twine. Longer bamboo stakes are used on the ends and shorter ones create a sort of loose fence under the natural twine and paper lanterns. All of this is budge friendly and can be easily transported, set up, stored and reused after the wedding day.

You can use this to direct traffic flow, set up a perimeter on a vast beach, serve as a subtle barricade from other beach users and stage some great photos.

I would estimate this simple beach wedding decor arrangement to cost less than $20 and I love the impact. It can be modified for any outdoor wedding or celebration. A similar set up could be used for a backyard barbeque, garden wedding or outdoor event.

Visit the Beach Wedding category on our website for some beach themed accessories and favours.

Beach Wedding Decor accessories including Paper Lanterns and Umbrellas:

Paper Lanterns are perfect for indoor or outdoor wedding and home decor.

Paper Umbrellas

Paper Umbrellas are a welcome gift for guests at a hot summer outdoor wedding. Consider having a basket of them available.

A bit of shade will prevent your guests from wilting in the sun.