Wedding Cake Toppers are always a top seller here at We have personalized ones, sports, beach, simple, ornate, comical, lifestyle, symbolic, earthy and glamourous Wedding Cake Toppers to suit just about everyone. Since I have been working here, I tend to look at EVERYTHING in terms of how it can be used for a wedding. This is a slightly annoying tendency considering I am unmarried at 40 but it must be an occupational hazard and it seems to benefit my friends and our customers. Our motto here at is “From Ideas to Memories” and we never hesitate to share good or unique ideas EVEN when it can lead a customer to use something we don’t sell.

I like to be part of the process and LOVE it when a customer leaves with a new idea that they deem to be exciting and then when they later send us a photo of its execution.

Once day I was at a thrift store and I saw a not-so-cute pair of ceramic owls. They were yellow and brown and had beady little eyes (I cannot find a photo at this moment but I am sure you have seen some like them). Despite the tacky colouring of the owl figurine, I liked the lines of it so I bought it. Only after spraypainting it white did I see that it was an ADORABLE wedding cake topper.

Wedding Cake Topper on a dime

These adorable little guys were very ugly when I bought them. A quick spray of paint and they could be a unique wedding cake topper and keepsake.

Since this day I have been buying and spraypainting interesting ceramic figurines. This one is my latest.

Spraypainted Owl

Here is a larger single owl that I painted glossy white.

I will load BEFORE pictures later. I did remember to take some this time. He is likely a bit big as a cake topper but I can imagine him as a part of a centerpiece or a decoration at the head table, reception table or somewhere in the wedding venue. I am a fan of a wedding “motif” over a wedding theme and just a few added pieces can introduce a hint of the bride’s personality without overpowering the event or costing too much.

Instructions: These are not even necessary for anyone familiar with spraypainting but a few steps will make for a better finished product.
First: Wash or dust off the figurine. Make sure it is clean and dry.

Then: Find a clean well ventilated area to set up. This will take several hours of drying time so be certain it will be undisturbed by pets or wind etc.

Now: Choose an appropriate spraypaint for the job. There are many colours and finishes. I like Glossy white but black is also beautiful. You can experiment as you accumulate projects!

Finally: Spray the figurine in smooth and light coats. It is better to do three light coats than one heavy drippy one. Read the paint can for drying instructions.

Relax: You will want to touch him but DON’T. Spraypaint can stay tacky for hours especially if the temperature is warm or cold. Again follow paint instructions and let it fully dry before handling.

That’s it! Now you will be on the hunt for more “victims”.

A word of caution: This is not foodsafe paint. If you are intending to place this as an owl wedding cake topper, I would recommend painting it weeks or months in advance to allow for the paint to dry completely and the smell to fade to nothing. Place it on the cake right before it is wheeled out or placed for viewing and also consider attaching apiece of waxed paper or plastic wrap to the base to prevent it from touching actual food. Just to be safe!

Now I cannot walk through a thrift store or garage sale without seeing great shaped items that scream out for a fresh coat of paint. Don’t pay any attention to the colours or painted details- look to the shape and texture of something to see the hidden gem that may be a cherry on top of your wedding day planning.

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