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Homemade Vanilla Lemon Bath Salts as Jar Wedding Favours

Every day we have customers who are looking for a simple, inexpensive and functional favour to give to their guests. We often point them to the Personalized Glass Jar Wedding Favours and other DIY favour supplies. Over the years we have compiled a list of possible uses for the jar wedding favours including:

All these can be presented to your guests as Jar Wedding Favours.
~ pot pourri
~ loose tea (Black, green or herbal)
~ coffee (ground or beans)
~ dried herbs (blended, homegrown and dried or commercial)
~ spice rubs (commercial or homeblended for a more personal gift)
~ bath salts (to match your colour scheme)
~ flavoured/fragranced sugar (vanilla, citrus, fruity, cinnamon etc)
~ hot cocoa mix (mixed with dried marshmallow)
~ candies (obvious use of a Candy Jar!)
~ drink crystals (lemonade, margarita, iced tea)
~ sundae toppings (coconut, chopped candy, chocolate chips)
~ homemade treats (tiny candies, cookies etc)
~ confetti
~ gourmet salts and peppers (sea salt and coloured peppers)
~ air freshener
~ poured candles (soy or paraffin)
~ matches (wooden matches with a striker on the lid)
~ wildflower seeds (daisies, mixed, marigolds, sunflowers etc)
~ tiny potted plants (herbs, succulents)
~ vegetable seeds (pumpkin seeds, decorative gourds, beans etc)

Watch our blog for more posts with recipes, tips, photos and suggestions to create your own Jar Wedding favours, a simple, charming and inexpensive favour for your wedding, baby or bridal shower, birthday party or prom.

Consider following us on Pinterest for ideas we have gleaned from other websites and blogs. We have a board called Homemade Wedding and Shower Jar Favour Ideas that have lots of inspiration photos, instructions and ideas as well as some of the specialty jars that can be used as jar wedding favours.

Many of the jars come with personalized labels that allow you to incorporate your wedding colours, motif and personalized text. The sky is the limit for these. They are not designed for food products so you should avoid jam or honey etc. Candies and dry goods are fine but avoid liquids or sticky foods.

This Vanilla Lemon Bath Salt Recipe is just one idea for using these great little glass jars wedding favours.

A Word of Caution: Essential Oils need to be treated with great care.  They are natural but they can still cause irritation, sensitivity and even burning.  You only want to use a couple of drops in the whole batch so that only a tiny amount is used in each bath. Some oils are already diluted with a carrier oil and are not as potent. If you are intending to use the oils in bath products you should consult a professional who can advise you on the strength and suggested uses of each oil. You need to be doubly certain that everything is safe and beneficial if you are giving these to family and friends.

Weddingfavours in a Jar

Bath Salts are an inexpensive yet useful favour option.

What you will need:
~Epsom Salt
~Baking Soda
~Essential Oils- USE SPARINGLY (I used Lemon and Vanilla)
~Food Colouring (optional)
~Mixing Bowl and wooden spoon

I am not going to re-invent the wheel here, Pinterest is overflowing with specific ideas and recipes for Bath Salts. My style is to experiment and modify as I go. You always want to do this- just because someone pinned a recipe on Pinterest doesn’t mean that it is safe. Lemon Essential Oil is surprisingly strong and you want to try out a batch before distributing to loved ones.

Here is my “method” ~ Pour Epsom Salt into a large mixing bowl. Add a small amount of yellow food colouring. I used gel but liquid would work just as well. A drop or two is all you need unless you want a bright yellow colour. Add a tiny amount of Lemon Essential Oil (a couple of drops) and some Vanilla Essential Oil (this is likely to be diluted already so you can be a bit more generous) Mix it in breaking up the colour clumps until the whole batch is your desired colour. At this point I added some baking soda so the colour lightened up again.

Fill your Jar Wedding Favours for all your guests and attach a label or tag that describes the contents and the instructions for use.

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Get some great ideas from these packaging products and start to design your own perfect wedding favour. Once you have selected your favour, you can select the appropriate wrapping or box and decorate it to match your colour scheme. Whether you are using a family recipe to make a batch of jam, making your own fudge or purchasing candy, you can design and create custom packaging. Finish off your custom wedding favour with personalized tags or personalized ribbon. Included in this category are all the supplies you need for your Candy Buffet.


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