Personalized Wedding Matchbooks and Matchboxes

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EXCITING NEW UPDATE: June 2016- We are excited to announce that we have found a new supplier of Wedding Matches so we will continue to sell Matchbooks and Matchboxes.

Wedding Matches

NEW Wedding Matchbook Designs and Colours available from ONLY AVAILABLE IN CANADA!

Wedding Personalized Matches in Matchbooks or Matchboxes

Personalized Wedding Matchbox Favours from #10118

Wedding Matches are surprise topsellers in Canada this 2014-2015 wedding season. Wedding Matchbooks and Matchboxes were a staple of wedding in the 1970s but with a decrease in public smoking, they seemed to go out of style for a couple of decades. As Pinterest infiltrates the imaginations of todays brides, the creative uses for matches are increasing.

Personalized Wedding Matchboxes Canada

Personalized Wedding Matches ~ Matchbox~ Ships in Canada

Also available in Matchboxes.  These Wedding Matches always ship from within Canada and cannot be shipped internationally at this time because this type of item cannot cross international borders.  Volume priced and package in boxes of 50. ONLY AVAILABLE IN CANADA! (how often do you hear that!?) We hear of couples who have been looking all over for a company that can ship to their Canadian address- look no further. These are printed in Ontario and ship (usually via Canada Post) from our location in Southern Ontario. TIP: Be careful that you are ordering from a website that ships from the same country as your shipping address or they may be confiscated at the border.

We were unprepared when customers started requesting wedding matches because we reasoned, it seems like fewer people are smoking these days and even the smokers rarely use matches.  The new uses for wedding matches include lighting sparklers, bundling with candle favours or just as an inexpensive personalized touch in a bowl by the bar.  The price per package of wedding matches makes in a very affordable and simple addition  to any special event.   We listened and the wedding matches have proven to be one of our most popular sellers.  (I know you don’t believe me!) There are 30 matches in each matchbook so for the average candle user, that is many months of a quick little reminder of YOUR wedding day.  I have a package in my junk drawer and am pleased to find it when I am lighting the barbeque or a candle.  How often do you hear that about such an inexpensive wedding favour?

Stemless Wine Glasses and Matches

Sample of Glasses with Matches inside. Unknown Photo Origin ~Pinned by

Follow us on Pinterest to see some creative uses for Wedding Matches including candle holders, tealights bundled with matchbooks and sparklers with matches for the grand exit for the bride and groom.  We have a Pinboard that is filled with photos, tips, ideas and products to incorporate Sparklers and Wedding Matches into a Grand Exit for the Newlyweds.

These are printed in small batches after matchbook assembly so the surfaces can have minor rubs, smudges and scratches. This is an inherent trait that should not interfere with the overall quality but it may not be a pristine surface on all the matchbooks. These are a great inexpensive favour to distribute with sparklers, candles, favours or in a bowl on the bar. A sure-fire top pick for 2014!