Champagne, Vintage Rose, Gold, Taupe and Ivory are the top colour trends for weddings in 2014/2015 so far. After years where white and silver ruled, the tide is turning and these colours are appearing more and they are SPECTACULAR! Our Blog with instructions on how to Tea Stain Favour Tags has been proving to be very popular as trends move to warmer and softer colour schemes.

Antiqued Wedding Favour Tags

Favour Tags can be stained for a vintage look using coffee, tea or herbal tea.

I was thinking about the vintage champagne and rose colour schemes that are popular right now I was struck with a brilliant idea (work with me here!) how to improve it and thought of Pink Tea Staining I decided to experiment with Hibiscus Tea which has a lovely pink colour and sweet taste.

Here’s what you need:

– Plain Shipping Tags (or whatever paper or fabric you want to stain)
– Red or Pink Tea
– Boiling Water
– Bowl
(that’s it!)

Pink Tea Staining Tutorial

All you need! Tags, tea, water Bowl.

Before Pink Tea Staining

Before- Basic Neutral shipping tags. Large Ivory, Medium Tan and Small White

Step 1~ Brew some strong pink tea in a bowl (I used Hibiscus but there are lots of red herbal teas, rooibos, berry, Red Zinger etc)

tea staining with hibiscus tea

Lovely pink colours hibiscus tea- ready for experimenting ~Pink Tea Staining.

Step 2~ Lay the tags into the tea and let them soak up some of the Tea

Step 3~ Lay them to dry on a flat surface. If you want them to be perfectly flat you will have to weight them with books on a cookie sheet or cutting boards. They may get a bit rumply as they dry but this often suits the shabby chic style. I recommend doing a small batch to start so you can adjust to your taste. Modify for colour (strength of the tea) marbled effect (length tags are submerged) and the resulting rumpledness of the paper (how they are allowed to dry).

These tags were created from plain neutral shipping tags (shown at the top of the post) and were my first attempt. I think they look very nice but if they were for a specific wedding plan, I would try a few different versions to see which ones I liked best. The more tea on the surface when left to dry, the more marbled the effect will be. If you want the tags to be darker you can brew stronger tea. In my results the Ivory tags took the colour the best. See my results below. I also used the same technique with instant coffee and the results are shown as well.

Pink tea Staining

Coffee, tea and Herbal tea can be sued to stain pristine white tags to a warm vintage shade of taupe, ivory or pink.

Finished Antiqued tags shown here with some stained with instant coffee and others stained with pink tea.

Pink Tea Staining

Before and After- Stained in Instant Coffee and Hibiscus Tea Products featured in this Tutorial

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White Favour Hang Tags available from for $5.25 for a pack of 50.