Great Gatsby Movie

Warner Brothers 2013 version of F Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby

Ever since Leonardo DiCaprio appeared as Jay Gatsby in the 2013 big screen version of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel, Great Gatsby weddings and proms have been all the rage. The excess and tragedy of the storyline aside, the opulent and glamourous setting of 1920s Long Island society is a great jumping-off point for a stellar bash of a wedding, party or prom. This is the era of Prohibition, the Speakeasy, gangsters and flappers and celebrated decadence, sophistication and a new freedom.

There are still some 1920s designed venues in which the Roaring 20s style would be a fabulous choice. Even if your event is not being hosted at such a setting you can scout in advance for photo location in your city. city halls, banks, train stations, libraries, private homes and parks can reflect the 20s style and a skilled wedding photographer will be able to utilize unorthodox setting to help with your overall vision. For example, Unions Station in Toronto Ontario is a beautiful setting for an engagement session. You should investigate permits but a few quick shots that don’t interfere with traffic flow are not likely a problem to anyone.

I also found this website ( that shows some examples of 1920s architecture. I find it helpful to see examples of what Art Deco Style looks like. I need to start being more observant because I expect it is everywhere.

Ontario Art Deco Architecture

This photo is from Art Deco storefront in Brantford Ontario

Art Deco Photo location Ontario

Hamilton Post Office Art Deco façade- Photo from

Follow us on Pinterest to see more great Great Gatsby party ideas. Even simple touches can be used to create the mood. Many of these are extravagant but the average prom and wedding won’t have the architecture or budget to replicate them all. Check out our Great Gatsby Pinboard for inspiration photos and quotes. You can design your dessert table to shine with the excesses and glamour of a soiree hosted by Jay Gatsby or hire dance instructor to get your guests moving to the Charleston. Ostrich feather centerpieces can be rented and used to up the glam factor.

Wedding Dance Instructions Idea

Consider hiring professional dancers to teach guests some basic 1920s dance moves like the Charleston. Consult local dance studios for more information.

Wedding Car Photography

Extravagant Gatsby-worthy exit- once can dream! (John Bamber Photography)

Wedding Great Gatsby Wedding Prom Ideas

Book and Literature themes are popular form book-loving newlyweds. Typewriters can be used for guest signatures too. Here a Gatsby quote is inserted and would be part of a vintage writer vignette.

Wedding Dessert Table Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby doesn’t need to be the “Theme” of your wedding to includes some of the dramatic colours and style to your wedding. This gold and black dessert table is glamourous and would suit many wedding motifs.

These are just a few of the ideas that we have Pinned onto our Great Gatsby Inspiration Board. You can add a touch of 20s glamour to any event at any budget. Scour your grandmother’s linen closets, trunkc, attic and china cabinet for inspiration.

From Cocktails and hors d’oevres to Pearls, Finger Curls the 1920s style is impeccable and racy by standards of the day.  Flappers showed more skin than had been accepted previous and the young people of the time were anxious for change.  This has even been explored on the popular PBS show when Lady Sybil shocked her family with her new attire- pants! and later when Lady Rose was frequenting jazz clubs and socializing with the musicians- a great shock to her family in a time of great change.  It was an exciting time and the art, art Deco, furniture, food and clothes reflected this transition.

Wishing you the elegance and opulence of a Great Gatsby Wedding party and none of the betrayal, excess and deceit!