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Lovely fairy tale moment captured by a wedding photographer ~Photo by Sugar Six Photography~

Everyone expects the bride to make a grand entrance at the ceremony but the grand exit is also something to be planned for your wedding reception. Whether your wedding photographer is still onsite to capture it or not, you want to finish the night with a bang!

Bubbles, dried flowers. confetti, ribbon wands, sparklers and fireworks have all been used to make the exit of the newlyweds. Sparklers are a simple and inexpensive way to add a touch of magic. Here are some ideas for presenting sparklers to guests at your wedding.

Consider following our Pinterest Pinboard for lots of inspiration pictures. Visit our Grand Exit Pinterest Pinboard for alternatives to Sparklers. These boards are works in progress so be sure to follow them for more ideas!

Discuss options with your photographer, planner and also venue representative to be sure that all aspects are planned and everyone is ready for the big moment. You will need a quick method to dispense, light and organize the sparklers for the photos.

A word of caution- some venues have started to ban the use of sparklers. Make sure you check with your coordinator to ensure that they are permissible and what restrictions may apply. As a courtesy and safety precaution you should be prepared to dispose of used sparklers in a metal container. A sap bucket or galvanized pail is a good option that can be circulated among guests as soon as the sparklers burn out.

A word of caution that should not really be necessary, children should be carefully monitored and so should guests who have been drinking. Fun, fire and flammable fabrics and sprayed hairstyles should be combined with great caution. If you have any safety concerns based on your guestlist or location you may want to avoid this as a wedding day feature.

Other grand wedding exit ideas include Ribbon Streamers, bubbles, candles and plantable confetti. Watch our blog for future posts about these options.

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