Wedding Napkins and Personalized Matchbooks are surprise topsellers this 2013 wedding season. We were a bit slow to add them to the website but after repeated requests we knew these were destine to enjoy a resurgence in popularity. The relative low cost makes both napkins and matches a fun and affordable finishing touch to your dream wedding.

Wedding Matchbooks and Matchboxes were a staple of wedding in the 1970s but with a decrease in smoking, they seemed to go out of style for a couple of decades. As Pinterest infiltrates the imaginations of todays brides, the creative uses for matches are increasing. Couples are also sure to order an extra package of them so that they can use them for their own campfires, sparklers and candles throughout their marriage. Sometimes a package of Wedding matches will surface in a junkdrawer decades after the wedding and that is not a bad thing!

Ship to Canada Wedding Matches matchbooks matchboxes favours

Wedding Match Books sold in packaged of 50. Ships only to Canada.

Wedding Matches Canada Persoanlized Matchbooks Matchboxes Double Hearts Lovebirds

Personalized Wedding Matches Shipping to Canada

You need to purchase napkins anyway so why not add a little personality?! These napkins are a high quality disposable napkin that is available in 24 fashion colours to match your wedding or anniversary party. They are a great choice for Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Weddings, Birthdays and Anniversaries. This is an affordable and simple way to add a bit of personalization to your event without overdoing it. We often hear from customers “I don’t want to spend the money on that.” but they are surprised to discover that the price or the Personalized Napkins is so affordable when it seems like a luxury touch!

Wedding Napkins paper Products Personalized Wedding Serviettes

Custom Wedding Napkins – ships within Canada. Available in 3 sizes and 24 colours. Choose your text, ink colour and graphic for a custom look.

Wedding Napkins Custom print Canada Wedding napkins luncheon and beverage size

Personalized Wedding Napkins in Chocolate Brown- Available in Beverage, Luncheon and Dinner Sizes.

Please contact us if you need assistance with anything you see on our website We are located in beautiful downtown Ingersoll Ontario. We are just minutes from the Historic Elm Hurst Inn and Spa and just a block away from Sew Stylish Wedding Works, both of these neighbouring businesses are prominent wedding destinations that are worth the drive to Ingersoll! is your source for Personalized Wedding Napkins and Wedding Matchbooks. Visit our Ingersoll Showroom to see samples or call us to request a sample swatch of the Wedding Napkins.

Wedding Napkins Links from located in Canada.

Personalized Wedding Beverage Napkins

Personalized Wedding Luncheon Napkins

Personalized Wedding Dinner Napkins