Based on customer inquiries, we knew we needed to find more supplies for Wedding Candy Buffets! Candy and Treat Buffets are here to stay as a party and wedding trend. A candy buffet will provide sweet treats to your guests throughout the evening, entertain child guests, add some colour and whimsy to your wedding and also provide your guests with a favour to take home. All in all they provide good bang for your buck. You are only limited by your own creativity and lots of couples scour thrift stores, yard sales, and china cabinets to find unique and charming vases and vessels for display and dispensing.

These small brown paper are an inexpensive and charming packaging option for your candy buffet. These are reminiscent of the bags that convenience stores used to dispense their candy. They are especially appropriate for simple country events and parties with a vintage nostalgic feel.

Penny Candy Bags brown paper bags candy buffet packaging cheap bags

These small bags are scaled just right for a candy buffet at your wedding or party.

Candy Sticks Candy Buffet Paper bags Wedding Favours Canada

Inexpensive packaging for your candy buffet. Penny Candy Bags and White Favour Tags ~ Shown here with Old Fashioned Candy Sticks.

Click on the image below to visit our post of How to Antique Favour Tags. It only requires cold coffee and the paper or fabric you want to stain. Use the same process to stain doilies, burlap, linen or other non-glossy papers for a cohesive and primitive look.

Primitive Wedding Favour Tags DIY

Before and After- White Tags available through Weddingfavours. Can easily be stained for a more rustic, primitive look.


Other accessories to complete your Wedding Reception Candy Buffet. Hit a Bulk Food Store or purchase candy after-season. For example, there are lot of bright and pastel colours chocolate and gummy candy available at Easter. Orange and Yellow and Black is everywhere around Halloween and Red and Green and White will be on sale after Christmas, Pink and Red are common around Valentine’s Day.

Candy Buffet Boxes Canada Chinese Food Box

Chinese Takeout Boxes can be used as a fill-your-own favour packaging for a Wedding or Party Candy Buffet

Asian takeout Boxes are an affordable and modern packaging option for a candy buffet. The are 8 ounces so you want to ensure that your candy is not too small/expensive for this large a package. Wrapped and Gummy Candies take up more space and will fill these boxes without costing too much. Fine Chocolate or Gourmet Jelly Beans will likely add up too quickly to give out a box this big.

Wooden candy scoop buffet wedding canada

Wooden Candy Scoop for Small treats at a candy buffet. Also good for scooping loose tea and other spices.

Mini Wooden Scoops are a good option for serving up candy. It keeps people’s fingers out and also helps you limit portion sizes. Do a mock candy favour bag to see how much candy you will need. Make sure you buy more than you think you need so that guests are not scraping the bottoms of the barrels, at least not until close to the end of the night. The cost of candy can be surprisingly high but you don’t want to look cheap by running out of candy before everyone has had a turn.

Candy Sticks Wedding Favour Canada

Old Fashioned Candy Sticks make a bright, sweet and nostalgic addition to a candy buffet.

New in 2013- personalized Lifesavers. Each lifesaver is individually wrapped and labeled with your names and date. What a sweet addition to your wedding!

Lifesavers Wedding Personalized favour

Lifesavers with Personalized Wedding Labels are a great addition to a candy buffet or fill bowls with them for at the bar and on tables for guests to freshen their breath after the meal.

Jelly Belly Gourmet Jelly Beans are a great option. This will keep your guests happily guessing and combining flavours throughout the evening.

Jelly Belly Beans Canada Bulk Wedding

Jelly Belly Gourmet Jelly Beans available in bulk in Canada at

This photo was submitted by a former customer who used them to offer a m&ms to her wedding guests. Thanks to Amanda for letting us use this image. You can see that her presentation was simple but very charming and inviting.

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