I was raised in a small rural community in Southern Ontario as were all my cousins. We grew up playing outside, walking on dirt roads, catching crayfish and exploring apple orchards. When the time came for my cousin to come home to be married, the simple nostalgic touches of our childhood were a natural part of her special day.

It was in mid-July 2012 and we were having quite a heat wave here in Oxford County so we made sure that there was plenty of shelter under tents, trees and also these great paper umbrellas. It was quite comical to see men and women of all ages strolling around the farm with them. They were available for anyone who needed them and at the end of the event they were all still intact and returned to the basket so they can be saved for the next special summer event.

Basket of Umbrellas for a Wedding

Brightly coloured paper parasols add a touch of whimsy and portable shade for your guests.

Visit our website to see colours and product details for these beautiful and functional paper umbrellas. These have been a top-selling wedding accessory for years and there is no end in sight for this trend!

Rebecca 5

We also needed a visible yet out-of-the-way spot for the gift cards. We selected a central flower bed near the entrance to the tent and stuck a shepherd’s hook garden hanger into the earth and hung the Birdcage Reception Card Holder. It was convenient, versatile and did not require a table.

Decorative Birdcage Reception Card Holder

This Birdcage is a charming way to gather cards and gifts at an outdoor wedding. A Shepherds Hook can be repurposed to position it in the correct place.


One of the negative things about country living- the FLIES! They were not a big issue on the wedding day because there was a breeze that seemed to blow them away but it is a reality that should be factored in to an outdoor wedding. My mom bought these bright and whimsical flyswatters and they were discreetly positioned on the patio in a copper urn just in case. Not one of the “pretty” wedding day preparations but much like renting appropriate bathroom facilities, it can increase the ease and comfort with which your guests experience as they spend the day at your home!

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NAME TAGS: Initially the bride was not on board with this idea because she did not like the “convention” feel of it but in the end, we did it. Most of the family and friends really were meeting for the first time and the unforeseen outcome was that guests used them to show their personality and also their relationship to the happy couple. ( Eg Andrew: bride’s brother and well wisher, Jeremy: Groom’s childhood friend, Thomas: One of the “byes”) It was a great ice-breaker and who doesn’t like a little cheater assistance with names of distant relatives! This is not for every wedding and I have read other posts of bloggers and brides who are horrified by this idea. If you are horrified- don’t do it! In our case it worked out well and we gave out tiny safety pins or ribbon. It promoted mingling and encourages conversations that may not have started otherwise.

Rebecca 2

We used shipping tags and had rubber stamps and coloured markers for the kids to decorate them. Men pinned them to buttonholes and some of the women used the ribbon to wear them around their necks to avoid making pin holes in their dresses.

Rebecca 3

The creation of the tags lead to one of the most precious photos of the entire day! The fabulous photographer Kelly Taylor of the Bridal Lounge was alert and captured lots of little moments like the one below. This is my 92 year old grandmother writing her name on her name tag. By the end of the day everyone was calling her Grandma McSpadden!

Rebecca 7Grandma filling out her name tag. Love this picture of her hands!

Thanks to The Bridal Lounge for allowing us to use these photos. Kelly has a gift for capturing the fleeting moments that the wedding guests did not even notice. Her photos allow the couple to experience those moments for years to come.

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SUnflower Wedding

This beautiful Sunflower arrangement is contained in a Mason Jar, hung from a gardening Shepherd’s Hook and embellished with ribbon and raffia. Lovely! (Lucky 7 Design- Photo)

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