White is still king when it comes to wedding colours but sometimes pristine white accessories are too harsh or the event has a more primitive, romantic flavour. Small white shipping labels are easy to find and can be stained with minimal effort and no cost. Follow these instructions to make your own antique favour tags using tea or coffee.

White Shipping Tags for Wedding Favours

Blank White Hang Tags for Favours available from Weddingfavours.ca

Plain white tags (Available from Weddingfavours.ca)

Tea Stain Wedding DIY

How to Tea Stain White Paper for Antique Effect. Wedding DIY

Make strong coffee or tea in a shallow bowl. I used instant coffee crystals with boiling water. You will need several teabags to make strong tea.

Tea Stain Wedding Tags

Follow DIY Tea Stain Instructions to create antiqued white wedding accessories.

Drop the tags into the coffee and let them soak for a few seconds. I would recommend experimenting with a few tags and letting them dry so that you can see the results before going ahead with the whole batch. NOTE: Coffee staining will leave a stronger scent on the paper than tea.

Allow the tea-dipped tags to dry for a nice uneven look.

Allow the Tea-dipped wedding tags to dry to create a nice uneven and aged look.

Let the tags dry flat. The more pooling you leave on the surface, the more varied and interesting the resulting staining will be.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA See the Before and After Tags! From pristine white to antiqued in a couple of easy steps! Also works for cotton doilies, sheet music, old maps and other non-glossy paper products.

The resulting tags will range from a warm soft even allover beige to dramatic varied brown watermark patterns. See the well-behaved middle tag in the bottom picture and the nice rough pirate-y ones above and below it. This is not the technique for you if you want the tags to be perfect and identical. This lack of uniformity will add charm and interest to your tags.

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Wedding Favours Tags DIY tea stained rustic primitive casual wedding

Shipping Tags can be custom dyed for a more rustic look. Decorate your own favours with these inexpensive hang tags.