It is really more like “Free and Easy” DIY Table Numbers! I did use a bit of Mod Podge Glaze and Sealer but thamount used for each of these is just a few little drops and the rest of the items came out of my pantry, Blue Box or files.

Pictured below are three Table Number Ideas that I whipped up in just minutes.

Recycled Wedding Table Numbers

These three examples of Table Numbers were whipped up in a couple of minutes using recycled materials.

#1- is made from a pickle jar. I tore a page out of an old book, wrote the number on it with a marker and glued it to the surface with Mod Podge. Another quick coat over top, a bit of twine and hand written tag and VOILA a free, recycled, DIY Table Number Marker. You can use it as a vase for flowers or twigs or put a candle inside to illuminate the number from behind. I used a page from an old book of sermons but you could use a favourite novel or classic novel as an added touch of personality or romance (depending on your novel choice).

#2- was created using a White Wine Bottle from the Blue Box and some vintage sheet music. I did not write a number on it but your could do this with a marker before you glue it on with a layer of Mod Podge. This could be used to hold a single rose or a table number on a twig.

#3- this one is a red wine bottle with a piece of card stock glued onto it with Mod Podge and then topcoated with the same. I pinched a heart into the paper and wrote the table number on it before attaching. This idea could be used with full bottles of wine on the tables. It works better for red wine because it is served at room temperature and would not have condensation on the bottles.

Handpunched from sheet music

The Table number stands are pictured above with handpunched confetti made from vintage sheet music and a scrapbooking punch. Another inexpensive and easy Wedding DIY project!

Step by Step Photos. Follow the directions on the Decoupage Glue and use your imagination to create your own DIY Table Numbers!

A page from an obsolete book can find new live as a wedding table number

Tear a page from an old book that is destined for recycling anyway. Libraries often have book tables with free or cheap discards.

A simple table number wedding project

Apply the page to the surface of the jar and coat with a thin layer of Mod Podge.

Country Wedding Recycled Mason Jars

Tie with twine and attach a handwritten tag. This one says “Thank you for sharing our special day” and signed by the newly hitched couple.