Thoughtfully Archived Wedding Treasures

Thoughtfully Archived Wedding Keepsakes will be safe and organized for years to come.

Instructions on how to turn this old neglected cutlery storage box….

Make your own Wedding keepsake Box

These old wooden Silverware boxes are available at Thrift Stores and Yard sale for just a couple of dollars.

Into this Music-themed DIY wedding Keepsake Box.

Upcycled Silverware Box and Vintage Sheet Music

Store your Garter, Silver Sixpence and special notes and photos to remind you of the magical moments of your wedding day.

You will need:
– Wooden Box (I used an old silverware storage box from which I removed the felt lining)
– Mod Podge (I used Glossy)
– Old Sheet Music (or pages from a novel, wrapping paper, love letters- whatever you choose)
– Paint Brush
– Paper Cutter or scissors

INSTRUCTIONS(Wedding Keepsake Box Diy):

Cut Strips of sheet music in preparation. Start painting Mod Podge onto the surface of the box and laying on the paper strips. Work in small areas as the glue will dry quickly. Overlap pieces in an interesting layout- paying special attention to the edges of the paper. Here you can see the way I laid the paper inside the box.

Continue cutting and gluing paper until the entire surface is covered with a single layer, paying special attention to the curves and corners of the box. Try to keep excess glue from the lip (where the top and bottom meet so that you don’t glue the lid shut)

After you have covered the entire desired surface, coat the enture surface with a layer of Mod Podge Glossy. Make sure that you seal all edges and try to keep glue out of the hinges.

Let the box dry for 24-48 hours. The glue will be hard and clear much sooner but the box should remain open so the lid doesn’t get stuck. If any corners come unstuck you can always add more Mod podge to stick it down.

A thin layer of Mod Podge on the box and the Sheet Music

Layer strips of old sheet music onto the interior and experior of the box.

Here is the interior of the finished box. It is ready for use at the wedding and afterwards. This is a wonderful shower gift from the bridesmaids. It is budget friendly and super thoughtful!

DIY Wedding Box

This box could be used to collect the cards at the wedding or used to display photos of the happy couple at the wedding reception.

Thoughtfully Archived Wedding Treasures



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