Tuxedo t-shirts for ringbearers/junior groomsmen of all ages from Newborns to Teens.

When customers started requesting tuxedo t-shirts a few years ago, we knew that we needed to find some of these retro-inspired novelty shirts. They have been used by grooms and groomsmen for destination weddings and are also a popular choice for Stag and Does.

We introduced Tuxedo Onesies and Child’s Tuxedo t-shirts along with the Men’s Black Tuxedo t-shirts but we were missing some in between sizing for some older ringbearers. We are happy to announce that we now carry three new sizes of Youth Tuxedo t-shirts: Youth Small(6-8), Youth Medium(10-12) and Youth Large (14-16).

Tuxedo T-Shirts Youth

New Sizes of Youth Tuxedo T-shirts available at www.weddingfavours.ca

Watch our website- there is a new version of the tuxedo t-shirt for men that is coming soon. It is called the Dishevelled Tuxedo t-shirt and it is perfect for the groom to change into as the wedding reception winds to a close!

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