What is this Pinterest?? It has just been in the past few weeks that I have been lured into the world of Pinterest while surfing the net for interesting ideas and wedding projects. I must admit that it is reminding me of the wonder I felt when discovering Google back in the 90’s!

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Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where you can pin ideas, inspirations, photos and tips. It is like the”favourites” on your computer but you can organize them, share your accumulated wisdom with others and access them from any computer.

I am still figuring out how it works but I can foresee it being the next BIG thing. In addition to amusing yourself for hours, you can plot a trip, organize your home, keep track of all your future projects, find cleaning tips, discover valuable Blogs, share your finds and yes- even plan a wedding. A bride can lose herself in ideas such as Mason Jar centrepieces, DIY jewelled bouquets, experimental hairstyles, planning tips, cost-saving measures and any other lessons that have been posted by other brides! You will find inspiration at every turn emerge brimming with excited creativity. WARNING- you may find yourself spending hours scouring Pinterest as you plan your dream wedding.

Let’s stay tuned to see how this latest social media trend pans out but I see that it willbe HUG in 2012 and will become part of our lexicon before too long much as “Google it” has!

Follow us on Pinterest as we (re)discover the wealth of ideas that hard-working and creative-thinking bloggers have generously shared with us! This is not an advertising thing- we are going to be posting items of interest for us personally and also things that we think will interest our brides and followers.

Follow us on Pinterest at favourgirls.

Sample Pin Boards

Sample Pin Boards

Pinterest is still by invitation only. You can request an invitation on the homepage or send us an email at info@weddingfavours.ca and we will send you one. (UPDATED- Now available to anyone. Just visit www.Pinterest.com and start collecting, planning and dreaming!)

Happy Pinning!!

Pin all the things.

I know all about this!

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