Wedding Car Decorating

Car Pom Poms

Decorating the “getaway” car of the newlyweds is a fun tradition. This is done to draw attention to the fact that the couple was just married and the task often falls to the male members of the bridal party. Decorating the married couple’s car should be done with taste and common sense to avoid damaging their car and avoid putting their safety at risk when driving home from the wedding reception.

Do not decorate the car’s window so heavily that the driver’s view out of the window is obstructed, as this is an obvious safety hazard. Decorating a car with items such as confetti or glitter inside the car might seem to be funny, but it can take weeks or more to get all of those little pieces out of a car. The newlyweds will not appreciate this!

Also avoid tying cans or boots to the back of a car as they can come loose and harm other people, vehicles or cause an accident.

Focus on cheerful and non-invasive decorations that will be easily removed and will not cause harm should they come off in transit. You never want to damage the finish on a car and especially on one that is special enough to have been selected as the vehicle for the bride and groom.

Products that are designed to safely decorate a car include:

Liquid Chalk
Plastic Pom Poms
Cardboard Cutouts
Just Married Window Clings
Car Decorating Kit
Items such as Window Clings can be safely applied to a clean car. Either on the windows or on the body of the car. They can be removed and re-used and are a quick way to decorate. You want to avoid using tape of any kind so any add-on items such as pompoms and Cardboard Forms sould be affixed with twine using natural secure-holds such as the trunk, tailgate or spoiler. Pompoms can be attached safely to windsheild wipers antennas, door handles and around the window frames.

If the couple is going to be driving on a highway to their hotel or off to the airport it is recommended that you limit the decorations to Liquid Chalk, Clings and maybe a few pompoms. Cardboard forms, balloons, and streamers will not survive highway speeds and will immediately become more hazardous than humourous!

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