Our Customer Services Reps spend their days answering Brides’ Questions over the phone, via Email and Facebook as well as at our Wedding Showroom in Ingersoll Ontario. Here are some common Questions:

Do I need to have Wedding Favours?
~No- of course not! The point of a favour is to say Thank You to your guests. If it is not something that you want for your wedding- you can skip it. Nobody is going to leave your wedding saying “Nice day but it would have been better if I received a bag of almonds.” There are many ways to thank your guests for coming and you can add your personal touch to the wedding without giving favours.

Why are some Bridal Garters sold as a set of two?
~Many of our Bridal Garters are sold in sets of two.  One is more elaborate and then there is a matching one that is plain.  This is for the bride who likes to keep mementos.  The simple garter is used for the garter toss and will likely end up on the rearview mirror of a teenage boy!  The fancier garter is a keepsake for the bride.  She can wear the toss garter lower on her leg so that this is the one that the groom reaches first.  After the wedding the garter can be stored with the drycleaned gown or kept with other keepsakes such as the dried bouquet, notes from loved ones and a copy fo the invitation.  A crafty bride may choose to make a wedding day shadow box and the garter is a nice addition.  For brides who are not sentimental and do not wish to hang on to a garter can choose a single one.

What is the purpose of Reception Card Holders?
~A Gift Card Holder is a decorative box that is designed for guests to deposit the gift cards for the newly married couple. They can be made from a hatbox, a real or cardboard mailbox, a birdcage or a giftbox. This box is placed on the gift table and is meant to safeguard the potentially valuable gift cards from theft. They are not locked but they do eliminate the possibility that some will fall off the table and be lost or easily pocketed by a thief.

Nobody wants to be suspicious of their guests but the reality is that there will be strangers in and out of your banquet hall and you do not know if they are staff, guests at another event or someone looking to steal from you. We recommend that you select a trusted person to monitor the gift table by keeping an eye on it and emptying it discreetly should it become full. It is also a good idea that all envelope gifts be removed to a safe place before the dance begins and the lights go down. There can be thousands of dollars worth of cash and gift certificates in these envelopes and you want to minimize risk of loss. Appoint someone to do this- the bride and groom does not need to deal with this on their big day. Protect yourself to avoid the hassle, embarrassment and heartache.

Wedding Gift Box Holder

Silver Gift Box Reception Card Holder


Fairy Tale Carriage Holder

White Fairy Tale Coach Reception Card Holder


Daisy Wedding Card Box

Metal Cream Flower Reception Card Holder- Discontinued


Wedding Birdcage Decoration

Classic Round Birdcage Card Holder

More FAQ’s to come!