UPDATE: We no longer carry these trees.  That are a fabulous favour idea and local nurseries may be able to accommodate your wedding favours requests.  I have chosen to leave this blog post as active since here is valid tips and care instructions that still apply even though this specific product has been removed from the Weddingfavours.ca online catalogue.

Weddingfavours.ca has proudly been selling Decorated Tree Seedling wedding favours since 2007. In 2010 we added Undecorated Tree Seedlings as an option for the eco-DIY Bride.

Our seedlings are available in 4 different tree species: White Pine, Red Pine, White Spruce and Blue Spruce. They are grown at a reputable Ontario Greenhouse that supplies the tree planting industry. In fact, the grower was featured on the CBC program Dragon’s Den and the dragons made a deal with her!

The trees ship out to arrive at your location in the days before the event (wedding, birthday, retirement, trade show or baptism) and can be stored for up to two weeks. We recommend shipping to a location where someone is available to receive that package so that it can be placed in a cool dark place as soon as possible. Trees are watered before shipping to ensure that do not dry out during transit.

This is a picture of an order that we received this week. The trees come in a large plastic bag inside a box. The root plugs are moist and the bags and elastic bands are enclosed for assembly. From this point you can plant them in small pots, wrap them in fabric, mylar or burlap and decorate with your choice of colours and embellishments.

Wedding Favour Trees

Undecorated Tree Seedlings

Pictured below is an Undecorated White Spruce Tree Seedling Favour. They include a small plastic bag to package the root ball and an elastic band to

Tree Seedling Favour

Undecorated Tree Seedling Favour

Guests will be pleased to leave your special event with a lasting memento. Visit us at www.weddingfavours.ca for more order details.