Shower Games Ideas

Fun Bridal Shower Games

The party held before a wedding for the bride-to-be is called the bridal shower. They are usually organized by the bridesmaids who will invite guests to bring presents for the future bride. The groom is usually not invited, and there will be mostly women at this party. Mixed Showers are growing in popularity in Canada and are more common as people are marrying later in life or for the second time.

It is a good idea to have an activity or two planned for a bridal shower. In many cases- the guests will not know one another and the games can function as ice-breakers. They should be accessible for everyone and clean- this is not the bachelorette party!

Bride’s Trivia
Be careful to select games that are inclusive and not embarrassing. There will be guests there who have just recently met the bride and will not be able to answer trivia questions about her life. If you wish to do a Bride’s Trivia game, be sure to put guests in teams to that there is a mix of the bride’s and groom’s relatives and new and old friends on each team.
Sample Questions:
What is the Bride’s Middle Name?
Where did the Bride and Groom meet?
What is the name of the Bride’s high school?
Where did the groom propose?

Ask all the teams to write down their answers and then let the bride be the one to answer the questions. Allow time for her to embellish the stories and then the game can become a “getting acquainted” opportunity for guests that are not long-time friends.

Handbag Scavenger Hunt
This is a fun (and potentially funny) game that can be used while guests are arriving. Those who are interested can work at it and those who just want to chat can do that instead. Have a list of items that may or may not be in the standard purse. Items such as tissues, a pen, painkillers, breath mints, nail-file, lip-balm are obvious and would be in most ladies’ bags. Less common items include a sewing kit, camera and a notepad or shipping bag. Add in some fun items that are more obscure such as a hammer, scissors and socks. Award 1 point for basic items, 2 points for less obvious items and 5 points for a few wacky items. Award special prizes for the oddest things that your guests can produce.

“What the Bride Says”

This activity takes place while the bride is opening her gifts. Ask someone to discreetly report all the phrases that the bride uses while opening gifts. “Oh wow- it is awesome” “I love the colour” or “I have always wanted one.” After the gifts have all been opened, the reporter will explain that the following words will be used by the bride on her wedding night and then read out all the comments.

Best and Worst Advice
Ask guests to write down the best and worst advice they ever received from their mother or grandmother. Read out the answers and award a prize for the best and worst bits of advice.

Have a selection of small items available for prizes. Items such as compact mirrors, lip balms, hand sanitizers, candy bars and candles make great little gifts. Visit our Clearance Section for some inexpensive items.