“Is there anything I can do to help?” A wedding is all about the details! It is your special day and your many loved ones may to offer their help with small tasks, errands and responsibilities. Take them up on this offer! There are lots of little behind-the-scenes tasks that can make the day run smoothly for everyone and you may as well delegate some of these responsibilities to willing friends and family.

Ushers, Readers, Drivers, Master of Ceremonies etc are all significant roles that you have likely assigned to specific friends but you may want to look over your guest list to see if there are any people who would like to serve as your helpers for the big day.

~Guest Book Attendent- This is a great task for a young cousin for example. Ask him or her to stand by the guest book and invite guests to sign as they go by. This is especially important if you are using a Signature Vase or Inscribable Frame as some guests will not be familiar with these and you want to be sure that you catch everyone.


~Greeter- Even Walmart uses greeters! Why not request that several or your more outgoing friends welcome guests as they arrive. They can have valuable information such as the location of the restrooms and coat checks.

~Flower Transporter- There may be decorations that need to make the transition from the Church to your Reception Venue. Enlist an old college friend with a van to bring them from one place to the other.

~Gift Card Keeper- You never want to suspect your guests of stealing gift cards but the fact is that there could be other events in the hall and you won’t know everyone who comes and goes. Ask that a trusted family member remove the envelopes from the gift table before the lights go down. We have heard of a couple who has their gift cards stolen and they had to call guests and ask them what they gave them so they could claim the loss on their insurance! What a horrible way to start married life. A bit of forethought will eliminate this risk. Consider a Gift Card Holder so that the cards cannot be pocketed by a passerby. This is our newest Reception Gift Card Holder– designed to look like a stylish birdcage.

Reception Gift Card Holders will keep your Gift Cards safely contained.

~Dancer- People are shy to start dancing so ask your friends to be sure to hit the dancefloor early in the night. Usually it just takes a few people having fun and then everyone else will join in. Ask your bridal party to be deliberate about keeping the dancing going! The bride and groom should also try to dance with as many guests as possible- it will make for some great photos and also allow you a minute or two with important guests.

~Photographer- You will have a professional photographer capturing the significant moments but there will be lots or touching moments that they will miss. You will be able to relive your wedding day if you have images of children playing, guests dancing, hugging and talking. Ask a friend to snap some candid shots of people and also of the food and decorations- you may not have the chance to enjoy all the details.

These “jobs” are not meant to cause hard work or stress for anyone. Many guests like to have a small role in the wedding day of a loved one. Choose people who are naturally friendly and willing so that they can enjoy the role. Most of these special duties will only take a few minutes and then that guest can return to their table and own friends. When you are asked, “Is there anything I can do?” Be prepared with some meaningful options for these helpful people!