Personalized Matchboxes

Groovy Wedding Favour eh??!!
We used to think that Wedding Matches were a thing from the past. It was mid 2009 when we started fielding inquiries from brides looking for just this product. After several requests in a just a few days- we decided WE were the ones behind the times. Since then- these Personalized Wedding Favours have been selling like …. hotcakes (today is Pancake Tuesday after all)

Personalized Wedding Matchbook Favours

I think that the renewed appeal of this product is that it is an inexpensive way to introduce some personalization, highlight a recurring motif and complement a colour scheme. Whether you order one for each guest and place them on the tables or just have a bowl of them at the bar- they will reappear for years. I think I have a matchbook from 1987 somewhere in my junk drawer! It is a nice reminder of the special day that has a way of resurfacing long after the wedding day has passed.

Pros of Wedding Matches:
~ You can choose your text, design, colours and format
~ Inexpensive way to add Personalization
~ Useful for all guests, smokers and non-smokers alike
~ Can be given to the men in conjunction with a more substantial favour for the women (a candle for example)
~ Leftovers can be easily used and stored by the bride and groom
~ Lightweight and a no-fuss addition to the wedding reception
~ Can be used by guests to re-light candles on the tables if the tealights burn out

Cons of Wedding Matches:
~ Be aware that you should not take them with you if you are travelling overseas- may not be allowed on the airplane
~ Use caution if you are having children at the wedding – these can be a dangerous temptation.

Consider placing them on a tiered dessert platter, in a large wooden bowl or in an apothecary jar at the bar. Consider leaving the date off and personalizing the second line with a phrase like “THE PERFECT MATCH”. is pleased to ship wedding matches WITHIN Canada. We do not ship them internationally. Canadians should be cautious when ordering from American companies that they can be imported.

Below are some candle favours that can be paired with a set of Personalized Wedding Favour Matches. Visit for more selection.