The Sand Ceremony is quickly overtaking the traditional Candle Unity Ceremony in popularity in Canada. We have been selling the Vase Sets and Sand for about 4 years now and have noticed that awareness has grown immensely. Item #3853 Sand Ceremony Set

The symbolism of the Sand Ceremony, not unlike that Unity Candle, is that the two people are exchanging vows that make them inseparable as illustrated by the joined flame or the mingled grains of sand. Two lives are joining to become one.

How to Choose Sand Colours for a Wedding Sand Ceremony
There are several things to remember when you are selecting sand colours. One is that the vases will only be at your wedding for a few minutes but the finished product will be in your home for years. Some couples carefully choose the exact colours to match the bridesmaids dresses while others choose a neutral palette that will complement any décor.

Children love to choose their own colours. They love that there is a layer that represent them in the finished keepsake vase. We have helped families choose favourite team colours, birthstone colours or colours that represent individual personalities. We have small vials of sand on display so that customers can experiment with their own combinations. Here is a picture of my desk as I am typing this…

Consider choosing colour based on Birthstone colours.
January- Garnet Stone… Burgundy or Rose sand
February- Amethyst…… Lilac or Victorian Lilac sand
March- Aquamarine……. Cornflower or Ocean Blue sand
April- Diamond………. White or Champagne sand
May- Emerald………… Emerald or Clover sand
June- Pearl/Moonstone… Champagne or White sand
July- Ruby………….. Apple or Watermelon sand
August- Peridot……… Celadon or Honeydew sand
September- Sapphire….. Cobalt or Blue velvet sand
October- Opal/Tourmaline Azalea or Pink Blush sand
November- Topaz/Citrine. Natural or Hazelnut sand
December- Turquoise….. Capri or Tropic Blue sand

Blended families can be celebrated with sand colour choices. For example- maybe the bride is represented by red and her children are shades of red (pink, burgundy, fuchsia) and the groom chooses Black and his kids are different shades of black (Grey, Pewter).

Colour Schemes
PINKS- Azalea, Pink & Pink Blush
BLUES- Marine, Cobalt & Ocean Blue
GREENS- Fern, Sage/Peridot, Celadon
SOFT BROWNS- Dark Chocolate, Tan, Hazelnut, Natural & Champagne
PURPLES- Royal Purple, Victorian Lilac, Lilac
GRAYS- Black, Pewter, Gray
ORANGES-Pumpkin Spice, Burnt Orange, Tangerine, Mango
JEWEL TONES- Oasis, Rose, Azalea, Royal Purple, Cobalt, Emerald & Apple
PASTELS- Yellow Chiffon, Honeydew, Pink Chiffon, Ocean Blue, Lilac
EARTHY- Espresso, Fern, Mango, Natural, Light Chocloate, Champagne
HALLOWEEN- Orange, Black & White
TROPICAL- Teal, Azalea, White (& include actual beach sand)
BRIGHTS- Orange, Sunflower, Lime Green & Pink

Our top-selling sand ceremony set featuring the heart-shaped centre vase

Pictured here: Cobalt, Kiwi and White Sand
You have your pick from a rainbow of sand colours. As in most wedding decisions you should relax and have fun with them! If you love in the London/Woodstock area- drop by our showroom in Ingersoll to experiment with our colour samples. Bring in a swatch of your dresses to find the best match.

NOTE: Sand Colours are named and formulated to match the Alfred Angelo Colours. If your are ordering Alfred Angelo bridesmaid dresses and want the sand colours to match- order the sand colour with the same name! Alfred Angelo Pool dresses are a perfect match to our Pool coloured wedding sand.