is very pleased to release these great new lifestyle-inspired wedding cake toppers. Many sport cake toppers feature the groom engaged in the activity while the bride is pictured cheering him on. These cake toppers feature an outdoorsy couple who are enjoying their sport together. What a great symbol to include into your wedding day!

Snowboarding Cake Topper

UPDATE SPRING 2012- Sadly this snowboarding cake topper has been discontinued and we do not expect that we will be able to get any more of them. Sorry to disappoint!

Mountain Biking Wedding Cake Topper

Mountain Bike Cake Topper

Fishing Together Wedding Cake Topper

Climbing/ Mountaineering Cake Topper

Hiking Cake Topper

Camouflage Hunting Wedding Cake Topper

This Hunting Cake Topper has proven to be an instant success. It is a fun way to incorporate a passion for hunting in to the wedding day. Not keen on it as a topper for your wedding cake? Consider adding a Grooms Cake- this is a popular tradition in the Southern States and typically features a hobby, sport or even a team logo. It can be used as a backup cake if you fear that your wedding cake will not go far enough. Consider bringing it out as dessert for the midnight lunch. This allows your Wedding Cake to shine and then you can surprise your groom with a fun cake.

These cake toppers all measure 7 inches tall and are constructed of high quality and detailed resin. Also included are 5 extra interchangable flags that read:
Just Married
Happy Anniversary
We made it
and a blank flag for custom messages.

All of our cake topper ship from our store in Ingersoll Ontario. Visit our showroom to see many examples in person. Visit our website to view our full wedding cake topper selection.

NOTE: One of our most frequently asked question is this? Can I get a cake topper with a different hair colour?

ANSWER: Unless there are options listed on the specific product page- the answer is No-we cannot do custom hair colour orders. However, with a bit of paint and a steady hand- YOU can make slight modifications to our cake toppers. We have never tried it ourselves but we have had a number of customers who have paint the hair colour on our cake toppers. Using acrylic paint and a stiff paintbrush- you can darken or lighten the hair colour by several tones. If you have a ceramics hobbyist of a model painter in your family- they will know the technique of drybrushing and may be able to help you.