Tree Seedlings are a fabulous and eco-friendly wedding or party favour. Visit for full product information.

You will want to include Planting Instructions when you give these little trees to your Wedding Guests. Print these guidelines blank business card sheets and distribute with the favours.

Seedling Care
• Allow space to grow, mature trees can grow up to 20 ft. in diameter
• Keep soil plug moist
• Remove plastic wrapping
• Dig hole and place top of roots even with soil surface
• Pack topsoil around roots and water thoroughly
• For trees received in the winter, plant into pots until outdoor weather is suitable
• Spring and summer plant outdoors as normal
• Keep watered and treat as any yard plant
Enjoy your new tree!

UPDATE! I spoke with the grower regarding the Seedlings in Pots. The pot is decorative in that the roots are still wrapped in a plastic bag to keep it moist during transit and also protect your tablecloths from water. Once the trees have been presented it is up to the guest to either plant the tree in the pot provided or a larger pot. The seedling should survive the winter in the small pot but it will show visible signs of growth within several weeks if planted in a larger pot as the root growth is limited in the tiny pot. If the tree receives adequate water and light it can survive in the pot for months or years.

These guidelines will ensure that some of the trees survive and will grow for years. As the trees get larger and stronger, they will serve as a lasting reminder of your wedding and the vows you share.