We are back in the office this morning after the London Fall Bridal Show at the London Convention Centre. We always enjoy meeting past and future customers and hearing about their ideas. Normally it is the brides who excitedly explain a concept to us but in this case the Top Idea was from a young man named John who mentioned that he was from Toronto.

John from Toronto and his fiance are planning a tropical destination wedding and plan to include a Ringbearer in the ceremony. They wanted a unique alternative to a ringbearer pillow. He saw this Treasure Box Favour and wisely saw that it would make a great holder for the rings at a Beach Wedding.

We hadn’t thought to suggest this to him because it normally is sold in sets of six so it is not practical if you need only one. However- since we think that it is such a good idea we have decided that we will split sets and sell them individually (so far it must be ordered over the phone if you want to break up a set but we will add individual boxes to the website soon) www.weddingfavours.ca or call toll free 1(888)328-6870.

Sold as a Set of 6- contact us if you want to order just one!

Sold as a Set of 6- contact us if you want to order just one!

Benefits of this Treasure Chest as a Ring Pillow Alternative for a Destination Wedding:

~Lightweight and small- perfect for packing in a suitcase
~Inexpensive- cost is a fraction of a traditional Ring Pillow
~Boys will appreciate the Pirate theme much more than thee ribbons and bows
~Makes a charming keepsake accessory after the wedding event
~Can be used as a travel jewellery box for the remainder of the holiday
~Fill it up with sand and small shells from the wedding as a memento souvenir
~Consider purchasing once for all the guests as a favour for them to collect their own pebbles, shell and sand
~Fill them with mints, chocolates or candy to place on each place setting

You can glue a ribbon into the box to tie the rings in place if your ringbearer is very young. If your rings are being presented by an adult- you can just line the box with a piece of fabric to keep them from banging together or rattling.

John from Toronto- if you are reading this. Thanks for the great idea. I cannot think of a single Con to this idea. Sometimes we need a fresh set of eyes to see new potential in a product. Do you have a creative idea about how to use any of our products? Please let us know- we want to share YOUR good ideas with other grateful brides.

UPDATE – June 2011
Now available online! Click Here to purchase individual Treasure Chests from Weddingfavours.ca.

I just received an email from a customer who read this blog bost and took the ideas and added her own creativity. The image below was submitted by Marie-France. Her ringbearer is more interested in Pirates (even his bedroom is decorated to the theme) so she scrapped the classic ring bearer pillow and created this Ring Bearer Treasue Chest. I think that the finished product is spectacular! Well done Marie-France and best wishes! ~Melanie~

Thanks to Marie France for submitting this image.