The Wedding Cake is a showpiece that deserves a place of honour at your wedding reception. You will want to decorate the cake table to complement and highlight your masterpiece Wedding Cake. With a little bit of planning and imagination you can make your cake shine!

The Wedding Cake is a Masterpiece- Show it off!

~ First choose the table size and shape. You will want to be sure to rent an appropriate table when you are arranging for all your guest table and chairs. A square table complements a square slab cake and a round table emphasizes a cake with round tiers.

Beautiful Wedding Cake with Infinity Rings Cake Topper

Infinity Rings Cake Topper Pick

~ Table Cloth- traditionally both the cake and table linens would have been white in colour. This is no longer the case. Wedding Cakes of today are available in any colour you can imagine. You want to select linens that will make the cake stand out most effectively. If the cake is all white you may want to choose a bright or dark colour for the linens. Even a bold pattern such as floral, striped or damask can complement a simple cake and make it sparkle! HINT: Make sure that the table cloth is floorlength so that the table legs are not visible in photos.

~ Layering- Tulle is a great option to “fancy up” the table. It can be draped over the entire table or rouched around the rim of the table. Tulle is a lightweight and inexpensive fabric that will take your decorated table from ordinary to extraordinary!

~Decorations- Does your wedding have a recurring motif? A summer beach wedding could feature shells, mini pumpkins can be used to surround a fall wedding cake, silver Christmas balls will give a winter wedding cake a festive sparkle. If you have a decorative cake serving set you may want to keep the decorating simple and give the knife and server a place of honour on the table. Diamond confetti, rose petals (real or silk), or pebbles can be sprinkled on the table around the cake. You can also add interest to the table by decorating with driftwood, photos of the couple, the bridal party bouquets or candies such as Jordan Almonds.

~Cake Topper- Choose a cake topper that will enhance your wedding cake instead of detracting from it. You may like a funny cake topper but these comical designs do not always suit the desired cake style. HINT: If you have a dream cake and a dream cake topper that do not suit one another- you can always use the topper as a table decoration instead of an actual topper of the cake. We know of several brides who LOVED the Fishing Cake Topper but had selected a cake that did not have a large enough tier on top. They left the top of the cake unadorned and placed the Fishing Bride and Groom Cake Topper on the table in front of the cake. It got just as much attention and allowed her to use her first choice cake.

Gone Fishing Cake Topper- This one isn't going to get away!

~Lighting- You want to ensure that there is adequate lighting at your Wedding Cake Table. You want all your guests to see the cake before it is cut and this is best accomplished by drawing their attention to it during cocktails or the receiving line before they are actually seated. Twinkle lights can be tucked up inside the linens and tulling to create a whimsical soft light. These are the cheapest, easiest and safest option for lighting the table from within the linens. Votive candles can add romance but this may be best for a simple cake without a lot of detail that your want guests to notice. If you have an intricate or funny wedding cake- you want a stronger light source so that guests can see all the details. A household table light or spotlight can also be used to draw attention and make sure that your guests see the cake before it is served. A wedding cake is a large financial investment and you want to get as much “bang for your buck” as possible.

~Surrounding- Carefully select the location for the wedding cake. You want guests to see the cake but you do not want it to block traffic flow or detract attention from the head table. It should be near the kitchen to simplify service. You will be posing for pictures at this table so you want to look at the background. You do not want an EXIT sign over your heads and you also do not want a mirror or window that will cause reflection and interfere with camera flash. Look for a plain wall or consider hanging a backdrop to hide the wall. A simple dowling with a curtain or sheer hung on it will suffice. It can be hung from the ceiling or wall and will provide a blank canvas your table decor and cake cutting ceremony.

~Bunting and Balloon Arches- Bunting has been making an appearance in Bridal magazines this season. They are simple to make and add a charming addition to a simple country wedding. Helium Balloons can also be tied to a ribbon and weighted at each end. This will naturally create an arch that will frame the cake and couple as they cut it. Create a simple and decorative weight by wrapping a rock or a bag of sand in tulle fabric or foil wrapping paper. This can easily be moved from one location to another.